Offshore software development companies

Top 10 Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam

Vietnam has emerged as a prominent destination for offshore software development, thanks to its skilled workforce, competitive pricing, and a robust IT infrastructure. The country’s vibrant tech ecosystem has fostered the growth of numerous software development companies, making it a hotbed for outsourcing software projects. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 offshore software development companies in Vietnam, known for their exceptional services and innovation.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development refers to the practice of hiring a software development team or company located in a different country to design, develop, test, and maintain software applications or products. In this model, a business or organization contracts with an external service provider (the offshore development team) to handle various aspects of their software project. This arrangement allows companies to access a global talent pool, often at a lower cost than hiring and maintaining an in-house development team.

Offshore software development companies

You can locate an IT vendor to work with if you use one of three main methods of outsourcing service delivery: onshore, nearshore, or offshore. Right now, we’ll go over each of them in more detail.

Onshore Outsourcing

The term “onshore” (or “domestic”) outsourcing refers to a vendor who is based in the same country as you. This proximity is an important aspect of onshore outsourcing because it eliminates linguistic and cultural barriers and time zone differences (which contrasts sharply with the development of offshore software). Easy-to-organize live meetings can help to address difficulties more quickly and efficiently. You may also monitor the development workflow of your partner with less effort and time.

However, remember that this technique is only appropriate if money is fine. Onshore outsourcing is often more expensive due to higher tax rates and worker pay. You may potentially encounter talent scarcity in the field of technology.

Nearshore Outsourcing

If you use this outsourcing approach, your contractor will be located in a neighboring country. It also provides benefits practically identical to those of the previous outsourcing type. You can monitor your vendor’s operations and address any issues because of the small time difference (or even the absence of one). There may also be no substantial cultural or language barriers, allowing you and your contractor to focus entirely on the project and complete it in the shortest period possible.

However, you should be aware that nearshoring is a high-cost option that should not be chosen if you are on a limited budget.

Offshore Outsourcing

When outsourcing software development, you should expect the company’s headquarters to be far away from your location, such as in Central Europe or Asia. They are the most preferred outsourcing locations with flexible and competitive price sets and labor resources.

When outsourcing a project to an offshore development team, keep the following in mind. A considerable time zone difference can impair the development workflow due to the geographic distance between you and your offshore software development vendor. You may also encounter significant cultural and linguistic hurdles, but these issues are easily resolved if properly managed, as we’ll detail later.

In this sense, the outsourcing model is mostly determined by your location and the location of the company with whom you partner. For example, if you’re from the United States and outsource to Estonia, you’ll need to apply for offshore software development services because the time zones may differ.

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Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Deciding whether to build software in-house or engage an offshore development partner is difficult. Offshoring software development, however, is a compelling commercial proposal when you consider the advantages:

Lower Cost

Maintaining an in-house IT workforce with knowledge of the latest technologies takes time and effort. If you outsource your software development, you won’t have to invest in IT infrastructure or spend time finding, hiring, and training personnel.

Access to a large talent pool

You can gain access to a large pool of experienced and knowledgeable software engineers who have substantial experience developing software applications to worldwide standards and quality through offshore development. Furthermore, because the offshore partner has worked on international custom software development projects for previous clients, they are familiar with the problems.

Faster time-to-market

You can be sure that skilled professionals are working around the clock to provide quality software when you have a dedicated team for each project. Not only will you be able to complete tasks faster, but you will also be able to ensure that your product reaches the market sooner. Furthermore, an outside team can provide fresh perspectives on improving your business processes, allowing you to take advantage of innovation and creativity at every level of the software development process.

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Why Vietnam is Your Final Destination for Offshore Development?

timezone in vietnam

The Information Technology human resources market is still thriving daily. India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, and China are some of the most well-known names in the world of technology. These countries are at the top of the list regarding service quality. They also come with reasonable costs and enthusiastic, youthful human resources who are always committed to the project. Written communications are normal and without serious concerns, yet conducting a live or e-meeting may take some time.

Vietnam is gradually rising to dominate and express its competitive position in offshore software development. Vietnam has given worldwide clients a range of international-level projects, with low service costs and enthusiastic assistance from the offshore development team, thanks to a population of the ideal labor force, young and dedicated to the profession. In short, Vietnam is an excellent choice for consumers searching for offshore development models because it is only 2 hours away from Singapore.

It’s no coincidence that Forbes refers to Vietnam as “a small but formidable country,” it’s also no coincidence that it was recognized as one of the top ideal places for software development outsourcing. Looking beyond the “world conference” prospects, the Vietnamese government has identified the potential to be considered a global leader in software development, instead laying a solid technological foundation for its success.

Political Stability

One of the most important reasons that Vietnam can assert itself to the rest of the world regarding political stability and working conditions is its ability to regulate and control coronavirus-related sickness.

Millions of COVID-19 cases have been worldwide, and thousands of people have died due to the pandemic. The Philippines has surpassed Indonesia as the region’s largest epidemic zone, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Competitive Price

Because the primary purpose of outsourcing is to cut expenses, countries with lower outsourcing costs will naturally have an advantage when considering this option.

India is currently the world’s most popular outsourcing destination. However, when compared within a fair pricing range, a Vietnamese developer is 30 percent less expensive than an Indian developer, with products of comparable high quality and capacity power.

Working Age is Young and Dynamic.

Sixty percent of Vietnam’s population is under 30, despite the country’s population of more than 97 million people. The government in Vietnam has taken good care of the young people regarding education and spiritual life. As a result, the number of young software developer teams is growing, which is easy to comprehend.

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The Best Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam

With software development businesses’ aid and technological skills, many enterprises can boost their productivity and attain the appropriate level of satisfaction. With ever-increasing technical demands, selecting the proper business to guide you through the process and assist you in finding the best solutions is crucial. The following is a list of the top offshore software development businesses in Vietnam in 2024 that will identify the most cost-effective strategies to accomplish their goals:

1. Bestarion

bestarion offshore software development company

Bestarion is a provider of outsourcing software development and BPO services. If you have any research about us, you may also know that we are one of the first Ruby development companies in Vietnam. We have helped non-IT organizations and software product companies improve business performance and quickly acquire new customers.

Over 19 years of operation in the software development industry, with more than 150 well-trained and experienced IT professionals, we have provided software solutions to hundreds of customers globally. We use the most advanced technologies, building and delivering scalable, high-performance software solutions to meet our customers’ business challenges.

At Bestarion, we build personalized software to seamlessly integrate different technologies and use their power for your business. We deliver your projects on time, with top quality and no compromise.

2. Waverley Software

Waverley Software-top it outsourcing in vietnam

For nearly three decades, Waverley Software has been a successful software development outsourcing firm and is Vietnam’s leading software outsourcing agency. Waverley Software is a full-cycle product development company with approximately 250 employees worldwide. They’ll help you with everything from concept to product creation to maintenance and support. Waverley focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), robots, machine learning, and mobile app development for a number of industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Waverley’s modern office in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City is home to a bright and enthusiastic staff of software developers, QA engineers, designers, and project managers with great skills and certifications. Waverley also has its training program for tech university graduates, which helps the company acquire top talent early on and teaches it to fulfill its technical criteria and standards and the needs of unique projects.

3. Saigon Technology

offshore software testing company

Saigon Technology Solutions is a software development outsourcing firm based in Vietnam that provides clients with cost-effective solutions. Customers are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. Custom application development, online application development, and mobile application development are among their offerings. It is regarded as one of the best software development firms globally. Saigon Technology Team offers .NET Core, Java, PHP, ReactJS, Angular, Azure, AWS, microservices, and machine learning. Kaercher, Abbott, Panasonic, Topicus, and DMI Inc. are just a few of its noteworthy clients.

4. Savvycom Software

Savycom-software development

Savvycom is a Vietnamese software development business that focuses on education/e-learning software and healthcare and fitness software. Web application development, mobile application development, and cloud and DevOps projects are the kinds of projects they work on. They have a rapidly expanding team, which will shortly surpass 250 members. They have over ten years of industry expertise and have executed over 300 projects for customers ranging from small businesses to huge enterprises.

5. Elinext

custom software development company

Elinext is a software outsourcing company based in Vietnam and Belarus that has been in business for 23 years. They employ 500 people and specialize in Java, NET, PHP, and C++. Elinext has expertise in software development, web development, mobile app development, quality assurance, and software testing. They work on projects in various industries, but they specialize in healthcare, finance and banking, and manufacturing, to name a few.

6. Beetsoft Co LTD

it outsourcing vietnam

Beetsoft Co. is a global outsourcing firm that employs over 400 developers worldwide. Beetsoft Co. works on various projects, including mobile app, web, and game development, employing technologies such as AngularJS, NodeJS, Java, and Swift. They have recently shifted their attention to the healthcare, finance, and manufacturing industries.

7. Co-Well Asia

"vietnam outsourcing companies "

Co-Well is a leading Vietnam software outsourcing company with 400 employees. Their offices are located in Hanoi and Da Nang, respectively. Ecommerce projects, website and application development, and software testing services are among their specialties. In addition to those services, they are one of the few outsourcing firms with expertise in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

8. Amaris

software outsourcing company vietnam

Amaris, part of a 6,000-person worldwide organization, is unquestionably the largest software outsourcing agency in Vietnam. It is one of the sector’s oldest agencies, founded in 2007. With such a massive firm, they have diverse interests, but its primary concentration is on telecommunications, media, entertainment, consumer and retail goods, and transportation.

9. KMS Technology

it outsourcing companies in vietnam

KMS Technology is a global market leader in software development, testing services, and top-tier technology consulting. With a customer-centric approach, US-based and offshore development teams aim to fuel organizational innovation by helping modernize existing systems or bring new software visions to life.

10. Axon Active

offshore software development services

Axon Active started in Switzerland before expanding to Vietnam in 2008. They specialize in web development, app development, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. They have offices in three cities in Vietnam. They have offices in both Vietnam and the United States, in addition to their Vietnam offices.


Vietnam’s software development industry has flourished, offering a rich ecosystem of companies that cater to a wide array of technology needs. The top 10 offshore software development companies mentioned above are prime examples of the country’s ability to deliver high-quality software solutions to businesses around the world. With a strong focus on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and a skilled workforce, Vietnam is set to remain a top destination for offshore software development projects.

Bestarion is one of the leading offshore software development companies in Vietnam. When you cooperate with Bestarion, you’ll benefit from our 10+ years of experience in software outsourcing. Our engineers are located in the heart of Vietnam’s IT sector, in Ho Chi Minh City. As evidenced by their strong client retention record, our talented and experienced teams can work on any software development project you require. Please visit the site to learn more about our services and technology solutions.

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