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Over 20 years of absolute excellence as a software testing service provider. We’re here to make sure your solution is tested thoroughly, on time, and within budget.

What are Software Testing Services?

API Testing

Software testing services aim to ensure that software fully meets requirements and user expectations. Bestarion provides full-range software testing services to help our customers deliver high-quality software meeting tight deadlines of frequent releases.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

We test these applications on real devices to ensure the best performance and user experience.

Improves Product Quality

Software testing ensures bugs are detected and fixed before your customers get their hands on it.

Improves Security

Software security testing promises improved IT risk for the enterprise by removing security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Faster Speed-to-Market

Continuous testing helps speed to market with the best product quality.

Our Services

Software Testing Types We Perform

Bestarion provides comprehensive software testing services for every challenge. We offer various types of testing and create custom quality assurance management plans to ensure your team delivers the highest-quality version of your product with speed and precision. We can support your platforms as they continue to evolve.

Manual Testing

Manual testing typically applied to smaller builds and systems requiring frequent feature changes, enables our team to identify vulnerabilities in your software that can’t be detected automatically. It also helps us better understand your application’s flow and is a base for the consequent automation testing.

Automation Testing

Using trusted automation frameworks, we can help you accelerate releases, increase test coverage and find more bugs before they enter production. Bestarion’s automated testing services enable organizations to check every aspect of the app’s performance and quickly identify invalid functionality, architectural flaws, vulnerabilities, scalability issues, and even design mistakes.

Our Services

Agile Software Testing Process

We employ the agile testing approach, a new-age approach focusing on testing smarter rather than putting in a lot of effort yet delivering high-quality products. Agile testing speeds up the detection of defects and reduces the cost of bugs by fixing them early. This approach also yields a customer-centric approach by delivering a high-quality product as early as possible. We are also proficient in setting up continuous testing practices and integrating testing activities into CI/CD pipelines within the DevOps approach.

Sprint Task
Sprint Backlog

Outsourcing Model

Cooperation Models

Depending on the project complexity and business specifics, we can provide software testing services performed by:

Testing Team Augmentation

We can supplement your testing team with individual testing professionals who will report to your in-house QA manager. This way, you can fill the gap in your in-house QA team’s competencies in a specific technology, industry, testing type, or regulation.

Dedicated Testing Team

Bestarion provides a dedicated testing team comprising a test lead + test engineers that integrates with your teams and works on the project, sharing risks and quality responsibility. The testing teams’ number and composition are flexible and can be scaled up and down depending on your project needs.

software testing lifecycle

Why choose Bestarion for Software Testing Services?

We offer full-cycle software testing services by combining automated testing with manual testing in the real world to optimize testing time and ensure test coverage throughout the entire software development process.

We assist our clients in making the transition to continuous delivery seamlessly by implementing DevOps practices, advanced functional and non-functional testing, and detailed business assurance workflows.

In addition to our strict in-house quality management standards, we're an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company; we guarantee the high quality of our testing services and the security of customers' data.

Bestarion’s test engineers align the testing activities with your development process to ensure testing time-effectiveness, smooth integration into a CI/CD pipeline, and efficient implementation of risk-based testing.

This has been a big year for MSS, and we have made great progress on a number of areas. Thank you so much and let’s keep it up!

Michael Hannemann Vice President of Technology at Meperia

The team is doing a great job setting delivery dates and meeting them. Many thanks to the team for being a part of Meperia! Let’s keep that up!

Philip J.Oaten President & CEO at Meperia

The quality of the work has consistently remained the same with very few errors. Bestarion has provided good quality work for each account that we outsourced to them.

Sally Phan Project Manager at CNY
We've got answers

Frequently asked questions

If you're new or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.


Software testing is a systematic evaluation of a product’s quality. Its purpose is to verify that digital products work as intended. For this, QA engineers interact with a program, application, etc., aiming to identify errors, gaps, or discrepancies between its expected and actual behaviors.

During testing, specialists assess different aspects of the software: functionality, performance, security, usability, and compatibility. Testing services for software highlight defects early in the development cycle and fix them before the software is released and becomes available to end-users.


By testing software, QA engineers ensure that a product meets user requirements, performs optimally, and is free of critical errors. If not, finding and fixing the problems enhances the software’s quality and reliability.

In particular, software testing as a service:

  • Helps identify, fix, and prevent defects from escalating into more significant problems during later stages or after deployment.
  • Ensures that the software meets business and system requirements and other compliance and quality standards.
  • Contributes to a positive user experience and higher loyalty by addressing issues that could impact functionality, performance, or usability.
  • Plays a vital role in risk mitigation strategy, reducing the likelihood of project delays or failures.
  • Allows for minimizing software development and maintenance costs by addressing defects early on.
  • Analyses the software’s performance under different conditions, including heavy user loads or varying network speeds, to optimize performance for different scenarios.
  • Provides valuable feedback regarding product enhancements, updates, and future iterations.

Testing strongly contributes to the overall success of software projects. Hence, outsourcing software testing services will help you launch high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly products and services.


Software testing and QA (Quality Assurance) services are related to the software development process, but they are different in their goals and focus.

Software testing refers to the process of checking the software application or system to ensure that it works as intended and that it meets the specified requirements. It involves executing the software with different test scenarios and data to identify any defects, errors, or issues that may affect its performance or functionality. Testing can be manual or automated and can include different types of testing such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and usability testing.

QA services, on the other hand, encompass a broader range of activities that are designed to ensure that the software development process produces high-quality software that meets the user’s needs and expectations. QA services are concerned with the entire software development life cycle, from requirements gathering and design to coding, testing, and deployment. QA services include activities such as creating quality standards and guidelines, conducting reviews and inspections, performing testing, managing defects and issues, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

In essence, software testing is a specific activity within the broader scope of QA services. Testing focuses on verifying that the software works as intended, while QA services focus on ensuring that the software development process produces high-quality software that meets the user’s needs and expectations.


We always make sure to find at least several common hours. You can be sure you can communicate with QA engineers directly during your working day. If you want to involve QA engineers in the team meetings, it won’t be a problem at all.

Meanwhile, the time difference has its perks for outsourcing software testing services. Namely, when your team has off-work hours, we’re testing. Your teams can see the results, receive reports and tickets, and get something to work with first thing in the morning.


Bestarion is a leading provider of end-to-end software testing services, leveraging global expertise and advanced automation tools to ensure quality, reduced time to market, and optimized costs. Together, we can accelerate digital transformation with reliable and scalable software testing services.

There are many different types of software testing, which can be broadly categorized into the following types:

  • Functional Testing: This type of testing checks if the software application or system works as intended and meets the functional requirements.
  • Performance Testing: This type of testing checks the software’s performance in terms of speed, scalability, and stability.
  • Security Testing: This type of testing checks the software’s security features and identifies any vulnerabilities or threats that could be exploited.
  • Usability Testing: This type of testing checks the software’s user interface and user experience to ensure that it is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Compatibility Testing: This type of testing checks the software’s compatibility with different operating systems, hardware, and software configurations.
  • Regression Testing: This type of testing checks if changes or updates made to the software do not affect the existing functionality or create new defects.
  • Acceptance Testing: This type of testing checks if the software meets the user’s expectations and requirements.
  • Integration Testing: This type of testing checks the interaction between different modules or components of the software system.
  • Exploratory Testing: This type of testing involves exploring the software application or system to discover defects or issues that were not identified in other testing types. Automated Testing: This type of testing uses automation tools to execute tests and verify the software’s functionality, performance, and security.
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