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Bestarion assists clients in optimizing and transforming business processes to be more data-driven, allowing them to work smarter, scale faster, be more productive, and eliminate costs across the enterprise.

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Get Strategic Business Insights with Data Services

Rise in different types and sources of data cascades into data duplicity, inconsistency, and leaks. Ultimately, more information to sort and process puts pressure on companies to maintain profitability and make the right decisions. Bestarion’s data processing services are designed to meet customer expectations, gather tactical insights and facilitate informed decisions.

What We Do

Data Processing Solutions We Offer

Though many firms use data processing loosely to describe data entry and capture, it is a tedious process that requires precision. This is exactly where we shine. We leverage advanced tools to provide a wide array of online data processing services, which include


Data Scraping

Data scraping is the process of extracting data from websites. It involves using automated tools or scripts to retrieve information from web pages and convert it into a structured format that can be stored and analyzed. Data scraping is commonly used for various purposes such as market research, price monitoring, content aggregation, and data analysis.


Data Cleansing

Data cleansing services involve the process of identifying and correcting errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies within a dataset to enhance its quality, reliability, and usability. 


Data Normalization

The team standardizes the data by applying consistent formats, units of measurement, and naming conventions. This ensures uniformity across the dataset, making it easier to analyze and interpret.


Data Enrichment

Bestarion enriches the dataset by appending additional information from external sources, such as demographic data, geographic information, or industry-specific insights. This enhances the value of the dataset and enables organizations to gain deeper insights.


Data Maintenance

We continue to manage, update, and ensure the quality, accuracy, and usability of data within a system or database. Data maintenance aims to keep data consistent, up-to-date, and reliable over time, thereby supporting effective decision-making, business operations, and analysis.

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What We Do

Types of Data We Process

Our data processing encompasses a diverse array of information ranging from structured to unstructured data sets. We handle a variety of data types including but not limited to:

Form and document processing involves extracting information from structured documents, such as forms, invoices, contracts, and reports. This processing plays a crucial role in automating business processes, reducing manual effort, and improving operational efficiency in various industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, and government.

This involves analyzing and manipulating images to extract useful information or enhance visual quality. Image processing techniques are used in fields such as medical imaging, satellite imagery analysis, and digital photography

This involves processing data related to business transactions, such as sales orders or financial transactions. Transactional processing ensures data integrity and consistency during the execution of transactions

Effective insurance claim processing is essential for maintaining customer trust, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing operational efficiency in the insurance industry. At Bestarion, we will help you streamline operations, reduce administrative costs, and optimize the existing legacy system.

Voice record processing involves the conversion of audio data into a structured format that can be analyzed, interpreted, and utilized for various purposes. Voice record processing is widely used in applications such as speech-to-text transcription, voice search, voice-controlled devices, call center analytics, voice biometrics, and audio surveillance.

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Our approachs

Best Practice in Across Industry

We are committed to excellence and focus on adaptability. Our team of data experts follows a proven work process, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality work.

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We select the best talents and train them.

At Bestarion we have a strong recruitment process aimed at hiring talented people. We train our employees so they can easily adapt to our workflow and grow professionally.

Responsive | Available | Agile

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Our data processing process expedites informed decision-making.

We combine the best practices of Agile with our own approach to data processing to efficiently collect, organize, and analyze data. We empower businesses to swiftly access valuable insights, enabling them to make informed choices with confidence and precision.

Mature Workflow | Accurate Estimation

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We build and use AI-based software tools for data processing.

Our team is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that streamline and speed up data processing. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, our software intelligently crawls, analyzes, and interprets vast datasets with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Consistent Delivery | Excellent Scalability

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