Bestarion Partnership Program

Bestarion’s partnership program is the new referral program for people who are ready to present us to their network. We offer cash and/or other bonuses for your referrals, creating a mutual benefit. Contact us to discuss all the details.
Hello Bestarion, I have a friend interested in accounting services. Can I set up meeting with you?
Of course, please confirm available time slot.

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ITO Services

  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Testing
  • Production Support
  • DevOps
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Data Analytics

BPO Services

  • Accounting Services
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll
    • Tax
  • Data Operation
    • Data Entry
    • Data Cleansing
    • Data Migration
  • Medical Billing & Coding

Select the Right Program for You

Whether you need a partner to support your transformation or you want to join our ecosystem, check out our wide range of partnership programs and choose the ones that fit you.

Outsourcing Partnership: Elevate Your Capabilities

Are you looking to expand your service offerings without the need for extensive in-house resources? Our Outsourcing Partnership is designed for businesses seeking to amplify their capabilities by leveraging our expertise. Through this collaboration, you can access our top-notch services, tap into our industry insights, and provide comprehensive solutions to your clients. Let's combine our strengths and deliver excellence together.

Sales Partnership

Bestarion offers high-quality services and software solutions at unbeatable prices. Many companies can make profits by selling our services. We make the process easy for you, providing all the marketing materials you need, like case studies, our portfolio, and support resources. To get started, simply connect with potential clients who need our services. Share their contact information with us, and our team of experts will handle the details. No IT or BPO experience is needed to resell our offerings, and you can invest as much or as little time as you want. Starting with minimal investment, you'll earn significant commissions for each sale. Upon joining the program, you'll sign a contract outlining commissions and granting representation rights. This opportunity is perfect for those in business development with a broad network ready to profit from these connections.

Referral: Connect. Refer. Earn.

Our Referral Partnership program turns your network into a source of revenue. If you come across businesses or individuals in need of our services, refer them to us and earn a competitive commission for every successful conversion. This straightforward collaboration allows you to monetize your connections while providing valuable solutions to those you refer.

Join the Our Partnership Program

Ready to accelerate growth for your business and your clients? So are we. We can’t wait to partner with you.