The industry’s first A.I.-powered procurement solution to save costs by 15% p.a. and help make the right choice of products at the right time and price.
A smarter healthcare supply chain data management solution. Great savings up to 87% for a client after 12 months.
A web-based e-commerce application for time-starved customers who now can order meals from local services in less than 15 seconds.
Bestarion was tasked with developing a web-based application that allows users to track data from their fitness activities and compete with their friends or teammates.
A web-based platform to provide easy-to-use, cost-effective mortgage websites to more than 1,100 mortgage providers in the US.
Bestarion developed a Affiliate Marketing Platform for a Japan-based Affiliates Marketing Provider with unprecedented benefits to both Advertisers and Publishers.
A web-based loyalty program platform to enhance customer relationship and encourage loyal buying behavior.
Bestarion helped realize the vision of a new kind of social network, where useful wisdom and knowledge are shared and collected.
Bestarion developed a web-based platform to deliver personalized, adaptive learning applications that are able to raise math scores for 90% of users.