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A Strategic Supply Sourcing Solution

A Strategic Supply Sourcing Solution

The industry’s first A.I.-powered procurement solution to save costs by 15% p.a. and help make the right choice of products at the right time and price.

Innovation in healthcare supply chains

A Smart Healthcare Supply Chain Data Management Solution

A smarter healthcare supply chain data management solution. Great savings up to 87% for a client after 12 months.

A smart solution for Online ordering and delivery

A Smart Solution for Online Ordering and Delivery

A web-based e-commerce application for time-starved customers who now can order meals from local services in less than 15 seconds.

A social network for fit-keeping people

Smart Application for Fit-keeping People

Bestarion was tasked with developing a web-based application that allows users to track data from their fitness activities and compete with their friends or teammates.

Lead Generation for Mortgage Providers
Real Estate

Lead Generation for Mortgage Providers

A web-based platform to provide easy-to-use, cost-effective mortgage websites to more than 1,100 mortgage providers in the US.

Supercharged Affiliate Marketing Platform
Social Platform

Supercharged Affiliate Marketing Platform

Bestarion developed a Affiliate Marketing Platform for a Japan-based Affiliates Marketing Provider with unprecedented benefits to both Advertisers and Publishers.

Saying Goodbye to Traditional Loyalty Programs

Saying Goodbye to Traditional Loyalty Programs

A web-based loyalty program platform to enhance customer relationship and encourage loyal buying behavior.

An information sharing social network
Social Platform

An Information Sharing Social Network

Bestarion helped realize the vision of a new kind of social network, where useful wisdom and knowledge are shared and collected.

An e-learning platform

An E-learning Platform

Bestarion developed a web-based platform to deliver personalized, adaptive learning applications that are able to raise math scores for 90% of users.

BPO Case Studies

Working with Bestarion provides you with the opportunity to scale your business, as quick as you are able to go.

A Strategic Supply Sourcing Solution

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Compared to using a team of the same size in the USA, our client saves on their staff costs, equipment, and office with high-quality services.

A Strategic Supply Sourcing Solution
Production Support

Hiring Dedicated Resources Around The Clock 24/7

Our client is able to save more than 40% of their customer support costs, compared to having a similar team in the USA.

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This has been a big year for MSS, and we have made great progress on a number of areas. Thank you so much and let’s keep it up!

Michael Hannemann

VP of Technology at Meperia


The team is doing a great job setting delivery dates and meeting them. Many thanks to the team for being a part of Meperia! Let’s keep that up!

Philip J.Oaten

President & CEO at Meperia


The quality of the work has consistently remained the same with very few errors. Bestarion has provided good quality work for each account that we outsourced to them.

Sally Phan

Project Manager at CNY

Our partnership with Bestarion has been fantastic so far. The team is deliciated and hard working. Prompt and professional services to meet the our needs.

Jasper Yoon

Pincipal at CNY

Jasper Yoon

Their project management was efficient. They also do a very good job of following up consistently to make sure the issue has been resolved typically until a week later.

Stefan Ball

Project Manager

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