Supercharged Affiliate Marketing Platform

Supercharged Affiliate Marketing Platform

Bestarion developed a Affiliate Marketing Platform for a Japan-based Affiliates Marketing Provider with unprecedented benefits to both Advertisers and Publishers.


Customer T is a Japan-based Affiliate Service Provider (ASP) that facilitates a win-win relationship between advertisers and affiliates. With Customer T, merchants are provided with a pay for performance-based advertising opportunities to help companies drive growth. Fees are fully performance-based. Highly cost-efficient, the commission rates are customizable, serving organizations from small start-ups to big enterprises aiming to expand their businesses.


  • How to connect Advertisers, those with products and services for sale, and Publishers, those can approach customers. Publishers should be encouraged to get as many new leads or sales as possible, and to expand the network as well. Advertisers should be able to monitor and manage Publishers’ performance so they can create fair and lucrative compensation.
  • There are many longstanding and popular affiliates marketing networks with strong footholds in the market, and how to compete with them.


  • The Affiliate Marketing Platform system consists of 3 main modules: Admin, Affiliate, and Merchant.
  • “Admin” is where Customer T’s staff can manage Merchants (Advertisers), Affiliates (Publishers), Tier Payment. Its administrators can search, filter, view merchants’ information, approve pending merchants’ applications, suspend or delete merchants’ accounts, and set commission rate for each merchant.
  • Affiliate Management functions provide affiliates (publishers) with major features including Dashboard, Account, Websites, Sub-affiliates, Report and Merchant.
  • The state-of-the-art dashboard provides real-time transaction tracking.
  • Especially, the Sub-Affiliate feature allows publishers to invite and manage other publishers, and they get promoted to tier-2 affiliates. A tier-2 affiliate will only get commission from sales generated by their sub-affiliates.
  • The Merchant function is where affiliates can manage the list of merchants they are working with, as well as their banners and links. And finally, affiliates can extract reports about major parameters like click counts, sales count, and total income.
  • The web application comes with a Commission & Payment function, which calculates commissions, sends invoices and charges merchants, and pays affiliates. The system is able to send notification emails if there are problems with the charging and payment processes.
  • Merchants (Advertisers) also have access to the real-time performance tracking dashboard.
  • Fully web-based and responsive application. There is no need to download any software. Users access Customer T across platforms and devices, anywhere, anytime.
  • Major shopping cart platforms are fully supported, including, but not limited to, Magento, Opencart, EC-Cube, WordPress, ZenCart, and OSCommerce.
  • Dual languages interface (English and Japanese) and Global Search function are also included.
  • A 2-tier rewarding system where affiliates will earn commission on sales generated by people they referred to the network.
  • Technologies used in the project: Ruby on Rail, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Haml, Ajax, MongoDB, Devise, Bootstrap.


  • The number of affiliates joining Customer T’s network has grown to nearly 7,000 for less than a year.
  • The current satisfaction level of its users remains around 90%.
  • More than ¥3,000,000 ($24,500) monthly remuneration paid to affiliates. The top one earned nearly ¥8,000,000 ($65,000) in less than a year.


“My experience in working with Bestarion was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”

The Founder of Customer T

Bestarion Website Admin


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