What is Resource Augmentation? 



In the 21st century, businesses must cater to their customers’ high-tech requirements. To maintain a competitive edge, you must keep up with technological advancement. You’ll need to beef up your technological resource augmentation for this.

The right IT resources will help you provide a superior user experience to your customers and increase customer satisfaction.

The presence of expert development staff on your team assists you in keeping up with the growing online competitiveness. Their expertise enables you to overcome the difficulties that arise due to changing market trends.

So, how can you always have highly skilled techies on your development team to address day-to-day challenges if hiring new resources is costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient?

Resource Augmentation is a solution.

What Is Resource Augmentation?

Resource augmentation is a versatile and cost-effective outsourcing strategy.

The Resource Augmentation model involves companies hiring global tech talent from a third party on a contractual basis for a specific project or project.

Resource Augmentation provides the most appropriate resources at the right time for immediate working with start-ups, mid-tier, and large enterprises and meeting all of your project objectives.

Internal staff and augmented resources collaborate throughout the project. The new employees can also work from home or at their workplace.

Resource augmentation allows organizations to get qualified employees on time without going through a lengthy, time-consuming recruitment process, saving both time and money.

Organizations are also rewarded with the ability to scale up or down the augmented team as needed.

Hiring and retaining skilled IT talent has always been a challenge for businesses.

While there may be a competent in-house team handling ongoing client projects, multiple projects will be arriving, necessitating the presence of an additional workforce with you on a short or long-term basis to handle them.

Companies are hiring resource augmentation services to meet their aggressive project needs and deadlines.

When Do You Need Resource Augmentation?

A team is already working on the project, but you want to extend the team with professionals to be your steering wheel for another part.

The organization is working on a new tech product or project and needs new engineers with skill sets outside the country’s standard, so they want to hire from other locations.

Resource Augmentation Framework

1. Determine your needs

  • Determine the number of new hires. Discuss this with your management and come up with a specific figure.
  • Define the ideal candidate specifications, such as expertise, qualifications, years of experience, etc.

2. Evaluate and Choose

  • After thoroughly reviewing the requirements, begin the search process.
  • Find and evaluate all candidates who meet your criteria through interviews and tests.

3. Assimilation of New Team Members

  • It’s not just about hiring. You must feel at ease and easily integrated into the company culture.
  • Ensure that all new employees know your company’s procedures, rules, and values.

4. Continuous Support and Nurture

  • Continue to provide ongoing support to new employees even after the integration phase is complete.
  • To build strong relationships with them, solicit feedback from them.

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How does Resource Augmentation save you up to 80% of your money?

Because in Resource Augmentation, there’s no-

  • Payroll Costs
  • Infrastructure expenditure
  • Legal & Administration Costs
  • Software Licensing Costs

Advantages of Resource Augmentation

1. Improve the Enlistment Process

Recruitment can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when looking for candidates with advanced and unusual skills.

However, with resource augmentation organizations, you can reduce the enlistment time from months to weeks to even days.

Augmentation specialists have updated databases with a pool of highly skilled tech talent to choose from.

This increases the likelihood of the augmentation organization quickly hiring the right candidate.

This will save you a lot of time.

The dedicated team provider will do the following for you:

  • Recruitments
  • Background checks
  • Hiring
  • All of this makes it an ideal solution for a long-term technological shortage.

2. Decrease Development Cost

The most apparent and obvious benefit of hiring a remote team is cost savings.

Recruiting augmented teams from countries with a lower cost of living will save you a lot of money because they demand lower salaries.

Furthermore, you know that hiring in-house employees will be expensive due to employee benefits, additional tax costs, and other factors.

Even additional costs such as infrastructure, equipment, and taxes are lower.

3. Almost no legal complications

Hiring in-house employees necessitates a significant amount of paperwork and legal responsibilities.

However, in the Resource Augmentation model, the outsourcing company assumes the employer’s role and handles routine tasks such as payroll, employee benefits, taxes, etc.

4. Overcome Geological Limitations

Many tech startups face the challenge of finding the right resources locally at the right price.

Resource augmentation is a solution to this problem because it allows you to find needed specialists in different areas without having to search for them yourself.

5. Highly Flexibility

Resource augmentation provides flexibility for IT organizations or start-ups because it allows them to add more resources in a matter of days if an unexpected workload arises.

They are also not tied to employees who will not be needed for months and can scale up and down whenever they want.

6. Steady Authority

Businesses can maintain control over their management by utilizing Resource Augmentation. In the case of project outsourcing, an external unit handles all aspects of the project.

However, even with resource augmentation, businesses remain in charge of execution and management and have the final say.

7. Expansion and Reshaping

Companies frequently want to grow their businesses, but the risk of failure usually deters them.

Such businesses benefit from staff augmentation.

Businesses can now use the flexible hiring model to scale their operations on a trial basis without significantly investing in a full-time workforce.

As a result, businesses are encouraged to test their efficacy in various industries.

8. Bring in New Ideas

A successful and evolving enterprise requires a constant supply of innovative ideas to sustain its success.

Resource augmentation encourages businesses to collaborate with a diverse set of experts who have fresh brewing ideas.

Companies can welcome new ideas and concepts by hiring for specific projects.

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Final Thoughts

Resource Augmentation can be the most cost-effective and flexible option for any size company. 

Bestarion has over a decade of experience in IT Staffing and Outsourcing. We provide expert guidance and assistance in filling your company’s staffing gaps. Please contact us to learn how we can assist you. Request a sample resource augmentation contract to see how we can collaborate and get your ideal development team.

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