Top 10 Best Ruby on Rails Gems For Web App Development


Top 10 Best Ruby on Rails Gems You Should Consider When Building Web Apps


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is one of the most widely used frameworks for web application development. Its simplicity and efficiency have led to it being called the ideal startup tech’. Currently, over 3.7 million applications are using Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails gems is the main reason this framework is so popular. They allow rapid prototyping and testing, which reduces the time it takes to code your application and allows you to bring new products to market faster.

Ruby on Rails gems allows developers to add new functionality without writing code. They’re similar to plugins and are available for nearly every function, from authentication to payment processing.

This article will show you how to use the best Ruby on Rails gems in your web app development process. These gems will simplify your development and perform different functions depending on your project’s needs. This article will help you understand the main features of the top 10 RoR gems and their limitations for your web application.

Top 10 best Ruby on Rails Gems for web application development


Pry is a meta-plugins or library. Ruby on Rails can often encounter problems when trying to integrate libraries. Pry is an excellent tool for these situations because it is used to debug such errors and eliminates the problem with different binding gems from various libraries.

It includes syntax highlighting, run Git, start editors, command shell integration and a resilient and robust command system. These features give RoR developers the ability to set breakpoints and implement code debugging on a step-by-step basis.


Webpacker supports Javascripts, fonts, as well as other components. The Ruby community is awed by this webpacker Ruby Gem because it works with all the assets used in Web application design.

Additionally, on top of that, the Rails gem is the default in Rails 6. It offers amazing support and development for web applications.


Devise can be used to simplify the authentication process. For example, suppose you create an application on one of the social media platforms or build an eCommerce solution. In that case, the developer will need to provide authorization and authentication for the particular application.

While some developers prefer to write their code, you can also do this in Ruby. Devise is the ideal gem for the job. Devise is one of the best Ruby on Rails gems that includes more than 20 modules such as Omniauthable, Database Authenticatable, Registrable, Confirmable, Trackable, Recoverable, Lockable, Timeoutable, Rememberable, FriendlyId, and Validatable.


RSpec is great for writing unit tests, especially in TDD and BDD environments. Unit testing is a software testing method that tests single units to ensure they are suitable for purposes.

RSpec’s simple syntax makes it easy to write unit tests in a language close to human language as possible. It is also very efficient at testing the behavior of specific models and libraries. Its greatest benefit is its ease to use and can install the config files or spec helpers to make it work.

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It is one of the most popular RubyGems to evaluate code quality. RuboCop is a favorite of nearly every committed RoR developer. It guarantees that the code of the web application is in line with that of the Ruby Style Guide for writing the most efficient program. One of the most appealing aspects of RuboCop is that it can fix basic errors by itself line breaks, syntax, gaps, and more.  


Kaminari is the number one Rails Gem with approximately 5,000,000 downloads.

You can paginate everything by employing this gem. Such pagination can be executed from ActiveRecord imports to simpler arrays by utilizing an easy-to-use scope-based application programming interface (API)

ActiveRecord Import    

This Ruby on Rails gem is used to insert large amounts of records. It is among the top gems in this list of RoR gems that generates minimal SQL insert statements. It assists in removing the problem of inserting N+1. As one of the best Rubygems, the ideal practice is to insert 10 records using ActiveRecord.  

 However, adding more than that could be problematic. Ruby on Rails developers can effortlessly import data from external sources using ActiveRecord Import. The most significant benefit is the reduced speed of conversion.  

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SimpleCov is a Ruby code coverage analysis tool. It uses Ruby’s built-in Coverage library to collect code coverage data. However, it makes processing those results easier by providing an API that allows you to filter, group, merge, format, and display the results. It gives you a complete code coverage suite that can easily be set up with only a few lines of code.

You will likely want to see the overall coverage results of your projects, including various tests. SimpleCov automatically handles this by merging and caching the results when creating reports. This ensures that your report includes coverage across your test suites and a clearer picture of blank spots.


The usage of Dot-env is increasing rapidly. If you’re looking to save credentials for email, API keys, and authentication information, Dot-env is a helpful RubyGem. It is among the best Ruby on Rails gems that allow developers can make a .env file before uploading the data to the Git repository to help in protecting sensitive data information in Ruby on Rails development.   

Private data is saved as environment variables. However, the file must not be kept in a public repository.


Pundit is a Ruby on Rails gem that handles authorization through a simple API. It’s crucial to keep in mind that authorization isn’t the same thing as authentication: authenticity is the process of proving that you are who you say you are. Authorization involves proving that you have permission to act.

In the process of authorization, the device looks at a user’s credentials to make sure the device it’s using can perform specific actions or use certain features. Pundit operates within this cycle and allows you to limit certain areas of your app only to approved users.

Final Thought

This list highlights just a handful of the best Ruby on Rails gems to build web apps and other software development projects. We have compiled this subjective list based on our experiences with RoR gems. However, there are thousands more gems to choose from – 165,052″. This variety of gems makes the Ruby programming language one of the most flexible. It will help you save time and money when developing your applications.

You can create custom Rails apps using the listed gems and other Ruby gems. This will allow you to meet any business needs and facilitate rapid software development. It will also help you achieve faster time-to-market and remain competitive. Rails is a versatile tool that can be used by almost all developers, regardless of their level of learning.

Rails developers would struggle without these gems. There are many gems out there and it is common to use the best gems when building web applications. Talk to a Bestarion expert to learn more about Ruby gems and how they can help your business.

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