How to success hire Ruby On Rails developers


How to success hire Ruby On Rails developers

People often don’t realize that the process of hiring personnel is more complex and intricate than they think. The core of the hiring process is a person and a highly complex and contradictory creature. What makes a person a perfect fit? What skills, experience, and cultural backgrounds are required? 

This article will discuss finding Ruby on Rails developers that fit your company, project goals and corporate ideology. We’ll discuss RoR framework and the various hiring models that can help you success hire RoR developers. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know to hire the best Ruby on Rails developers.

Benefits of Ruby on Rail for Your Project

First, let’s talk about Ruby on Rails framework before getting into the hiring process. Ruby on Rails development is worth considering. What are the business advantages of using this technology in your next project?

Rapider Development

Ruby on Rails is more efficient than PHP or Python. Rails, Ruby’s framework, accelerates development by reducing code writing. You can save time and get a high-performance app faster.


Every business needs to be able to scale, regardless of industry, size, or target market. Even though your company may be small now, yours might overgrow in the future. You need to have the resources and ability to respond. Your app won’t be able to respond quickly to spikes in traffic, seasonal changes, or sudden increases in user load. Ruby on Rails can be scaled to provide a quick and efficient response to spikes in traffic as per your requirements.


Ruby on Rails has a large community that supports it and regularly contributes to its development. RoR offers a vast library of tools, functions, and add-ons to enhance your application. Gems enable Ruby on Rails developers to add functionality and create feature-rich, high-performance applications.


Cybersecurity is a hot topic in software development. No matter how well developed your app is or how its appeals to users, no matter how great the features, your audience will soon lose interest in your product if user data remain unprotected. Data breaches can cause significant reputational damage and financial losses. Ruby on Rails offers high security without the need for additional coding. With the default tools, you can ensure a secure development cycle.


Ruby on Rails Developer’s Skills

Without knowing Ruby on Rails, it is impossible to hire them. What does a Ruby on Rails developer do? And what skills are essential for RoR developers.

Technical Skills

What are the most critical technical skills required for Ruby on Rails developers?

1. Ruby on Rails

Ruby developers should be well-versed with RoR syntaxes, such as loops and classes, modules, and object-oriented programming. A Ruby on Rails web developer must also know the Model view controller framework and its use. RoR developers must be familiar with Ruby on Rails and know how to perform operations like POST, GET, etc., as well as a good knowledge of REST APIs.

2. Frontend

Ruby is a backend language. However, RoR developers need to understand how the frontend functions and works. Although Ruby on Rails engineers doesn’t need to be experts in JavaScript or CSS, it is important to have the ability to communicate with frontend developers effectively and understand their needs.

3. Databases

Ruby on Rails developers should be able to understand databases and read logs before you hire them. Ruby on Rails developers needs to have basic knowledge of SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills are essential for a smooth collaboration with your colleagues and play an essential role in the software development process.

1. Communication

Ruby on Rails development involves a lot of collaboration and teamwork, which increases the importance of communication skills. RoR developers should have excellent interpersonal skills and adapt to the company’s communication channels.

2. Analytical reasoning and logical reasoning

It takes more time to conceptualize, design, and implement a feature than write the code that executes it. Coders can quickly create and materialize plausible concepts using advanced analytical and logic skills.

3. Self-education

Technology is changing faster than any other industry. It is the ability to keep up with new developments and trends that makes the difference between a great engineer and a brilliant one. Ruby on Rails developers is eager to learn and self-educate.

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What is the cost of hiring Ruby on Rails Developers?

What is the cost of hiring Ruby on Rails developers to work for you? The hourly rate varies from one location to the next. It is generally cheaper to hire a coder in Eastern Europe or Asia than it is from the US. Salary depends on Ruby on Rails developer skills, seniority levels, and the project complexity.

USAWestern EuropeEastern EuropeAsia
$75 – $200$60 – $100$40 – $70$30 – $50
Average hourly rate for a ruby on rails developer

 Our salary overview will help you determine if you want to outsource Ruby on Rails development companies. An American or Western European RoR developer company could be hired if your budget is available. However, Asian Ruby on Rails developers is an excellent compromise between cost-effectiveness and expertise.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers using the Right Model

This section will examine three strategies for hiring Ruby on Rails developers. Your business goals, staffing requirements, personal preferences, and budget constraints will influence your choice. Let’s look at the different hiring options through their benefits and drawbacks.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers In-house

In-house employment is an old type of work that is still relevant today and offers many benefits.

Benefits of Ruby developers in-hous

1. Dedication

Employees who are hired in-house will only work for your company. They will give their full attention to your project without any distractions. An in-house team is more focused than workers who constantly switch between projects. They will be focused solely on your goals and only spend their time working towards them.

2. Simple communication

You have easy and direct communication when you hire Ruby developers in-house. Your employees will share the same office space and work in the same time zone. This allows for easier collaboration and simplifies communication.

3. Corporate culture

Ruby on Rails developers in-house become an integral part of the company, brand, and team. They can participate in company projects, organize events and represent the brand’s message and name. Employees can feel connected with the company, its products, and its values. This creates loyal workers who will support your company through any downturn.

The disadvantages of in-house rails developer

1. The talent pool is limited.

You might have difficulty finding Ruby on Rails developers who are qualified, especially if you live in a small area. There are few software development companies in certain areas, so RoR developers are hard to find.

2. Costs are higher

In-house hiring requires compliance with several HR laws. Your company must cover employee insurance, taxes, and pay for office equipment, vacations, and other expenses. For a short-term project, it might prove counterproductive to pay for all the costs involved in onboarding one Ruby on Rails developer.

Where to hire in-house Ruby on Rails developers?

To find Rails programmers with experience, you can visit sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc. Your HR department will need to review many applicants to find the hidden gems and hire RoR app developers.

Hire Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers

Freelancers are remote developers who work on a single project. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of hiring freelancers in this text.

Benefits of Freelance Ruby on Rails Programmers 

1. Cost-effectiveness

Freelancing is less expensive than recruiting full-time employees. You don’t have to pay for office equipment, a pension, taxes, or anything else. Freelancers are paid on an hourly basis multiplied by the number of hours they put into the project. You can also agree on a fixed price for freelancers after the project has been completed and approved.

2. Large candidate pool

Most freelancers work remotely, so their geographical location is irrelevant. This allows you to hire Ruby on Rails developers all around the globe. This allows you to hire someone quickly and within your budget.

3. Ideal for short-term projects

Hire a Ruby on Rails developer for a specific assignment or a short-term project as a freelancer. This form of collaboration is ideal for freelancers since it allows you to work out the remuneration specifics and hire a developer to complete a little assignment that your team cannot complete. Perhaps your staff is preoccupied with current projects and doesn’t have time to devote to a new one. This is an easy project to subcontract to a freelancer.

The disadvantages of freelancing Ruby on Rails expert.

1. We have less control.

This has twofold: you have less control over the task or project that the freelancer is in charge of, and you can’t supervise the freelancer’s work as well as you usually can. When working with a freelancer, you must establish trust, and if this trust is lacking, your project could suffer.

2. Unknown level

Many freelancer platforms don’t have any screening processes. Freelancers can include as much information as they wish, even false education or experience. A Ruby on Rails developer might be hired thinking they are an expert in Ruby, but they are just beginners. Even if the platform requires freelancers to pass tests published on their website for publication, there is no way to find out who passed the test. Was it the person behind your account or another? A skill evaluation is a complex process that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. We will discuss this later when we look at the Ruby on Rails developer interview questions.

Where to hire Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers:

Many platforms allow you to hire RoR developers.

  • Check out Freelancer and Upwork if you’re looking to employ developers online. These platforms have minimal screening measures in place, including testing. Junior to middle specialists can be found here.
  • If you’re looking for a top Ruby expert, look no farther than Toptal, a platform with a five-step vetting procedure. Only about 3% of all applicants pass the tests and are accepted into Toptal’s database. This can become the best platform for you to hire RoR developers.

Use the IT Staff Augmentation Model


IT staff augmentation means to borrow one or more specialists for the project’s duration. This type of hiring works well for short-term projects. However, unlike freelancing, the staff augment team is part of your internal team, and they will work with you throughout your project.

The benefits of IT staff augmentation

1. Guaranteed quality

A staff augmentation agency can add a layer of security and reliability. Your partner in staff augmentation will ensure the performance you have agreed upon and handle all paperwork. You will get the results you want and be legally protected through contracts.

2. Rigorous vetting

Before hiring Ruby on Rails developers, IT staff augmentation agencies undergo a thorough screening process. You will be able to rely on their expertise and work with only the best professionals. IT staff augmentation partners are more trustworthy than other freelancing platforms that can be prone to scammers.

3. Cost reduction

IT staff augmentation can also help you save money in the long term. Your company will save on overhead costs and training costs. Your staff augmentation partner will handle the onboarding and training, so you don’t have to do any preparation. You can also choose an agency based in Asia (e.g., Vietnam) with lower rates for the same job.

Disadvantages of IT staff augmentation


Remote staff augmentation can still be cheaper than hiring an IT team. Remote team members can cause problems for communication and organizational processes. This disadvantage can be easily overcome with an IT staff augmentation partner who is skilled and experienced and will facilitate smooth and productive collaboration.

Where can I find IT staff augmentation services?

You can search online for IT staffing firms and do thorough due diligence. To ensure that the company is trustworthy and knows its business, we recommend reviewing reviews and looking at client lists. Check out the case studies of the top Ruby on Rails companies and visit their homepages. Finding a company with sufficient Ruby on Rails experience that meets your needs and goals is the key. If you aren’t sure, you can ask the agency about their interview process and how they evaluate their staff.

Interview Questions to Help You Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


It takes a lot of planning and preparation to conduct a technical interview. Firstly, invite the Tech Team Lead or CTO to evaluate the candidates’ technical skills. An HR specialist will also be invited to evaluate the soft skills and compatibility of the candidate with the company’s culture, values, and culture. Invite the Ruby consultants or senior RoR developers to take care of Ruby on Rails-specific aspects.

This section will discuss the best practices for conducting successful technical interviews and selecting the right people to work on the Ruby on Rails app development process. We will also discuss a set of interview questions that can be used to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates.

Best practices for conducting a technical interview. 

These tips will help you prepare for interviews and create a relaxed atmosphere for your Ruby on Rails candidate. These are the top three tips for Ruby on Rails developers:

Convey your company’s culture during the interview.

It is important to remember the importance of corporate culture. Throughout the interview, try to communicate your company’s values. Candidates prefer to make job decisions based on the company’s principles, so it’s critical to bring them up during the interview. Furthermore, it is in your best interest to devote extra attention to transmitting the corporate culture if you want an employee who knows your brand and fits in with the team.

Ask specific questions and learn more about the candidate.

To better understand the candidate’s potential fit into your organization, you should review the resume, education, and experience. You can also learn about the background and experience of the candidate in Ruby on Rails development companies to help you ask specific questions without going off-topic.

Make sure the candidate understands the role.

To ensure the best impression, you should go over the expectations and responsibilities of the job during the interview. Allow your interviewees to ask questions about the position to make sure they fully understand the role and the Ruby on Rails development services being offered.

10 Ruby on Rails interview questions to ask

This is a brief overview of the most common questions Ruby on Rails developers asks during technical interviews. This is not a complete list and you can add more Ruby on Rails questions.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ruby on Rails?

Programmer productivity, built-in testing, open sources, and metaprogramming are advantages. The most significant constraint is the complex set of tools to construct a truly unique software, although basic solutions are quite simple to implement.

2. What is Ruby on Rails design patterns?

There are many design patterns you can use. The most popular are Service Objects, View Objects, Form Objects, Value Objects, Observer pattern, Policy Objects, etc.

3. What are Ruby gems?

Ruby gems are libraries that expand and improve the capabilities of the language.

4. What are Ruby gems most helpful to you?

This is an open question to all candidates. It allows them to share their RoR experience and gives you insight into their programming style.

5. Describe the DRY code’s meaning and purpose?

Developers can keep their code short by using DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

6. Name some common Rails errors that can lead to a longer loading time?

The lack of indexes on columns in the database; using an excessive number of gems; setting the read_timeout value too high; etc.

7. Which deployment tool do you prefer?

This question will allow you to learn more about the candidate and whether or not they are familiar with the tools your company uses. The question is open-ended so that the candidate can name Jenkins, GitLab, or Capistrano.

8. What is an Active Job?

Active Job is a framework for declaring jobs that enables them to run on several queuing backends.

9. What is the RoR garbage collection process?

Garbage collection removes pointer programs and objects, freeing memory for more critical tasks.

10. What is a Rails Engine?

Rails applications are a collection of engines that provide different functionalities to the application. Rails engines do not work independently and can only work when part of the main Rails app.


Ruby on Rails developers must be motivated and eager to work on your project. Many great Ruby on Rails companies will help you find and track suitable candidates. Bestarion is a Ruby development company with years of experience. Our experts will help you find the right developers for your next project. To learn more about IT staff augmentation or how to hire Ruby developers, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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