6 Reasons Why You Should Add Social Media Feeds to Your Website

What is the best way to grab the attention of new users on your website and increase the awareness of your brand and its products? One way is to add a social media feeds to your website that consists of content from different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, that shows customer reviews and users interacting with your brand.   Image result for social media This aggregation is done through various methods such as hashtags, mentions, channels, pages, handles, tags, keywords, etc. It helps in building trust among the users and enhances the brand’s performance showing its engagement online.

Examples of Social Media Feeds You Can Easily Integrate Into your Website

There are many different channels that you can use to add a social media feed to your website to generate conversions and bring brand awareness.

1. Twitter Feed

With 187 million global users actively using Twitter as their platform. You can embed Twitter feed on your website through mention, hashtag or handle to create awareness of your brand among new visitors.

2. Facebook Feed

Embed Facebook feed, Facebook page, album or displaying the reviews given by the users on your website builds trust among the users as they get the social proof.

3. Instagram Feed

You can embed Instagram feed by connecting your account with the website or by mentioning specific hashtags. It will boost the user-engagement and will increase the dwell time of your website. Here are some benefits of embedding social media feeds on websites. Let us take a look at them.

6 Reasons to Use Social Media Feeds on Your Website

1. Boosts User-Engagement & Social Network

Statistics of 2019 shows that 73% of marketers relied on social media marketing because they have seen users getting engaged with their brand after displaying social media feed on their website. It also enhances the on-going interaction of the users with your brand and inspires them to visit your website multiple times as the visuals fascinate and catch the eye of the user.

2. Integration of Your Social Media Posts

In order to promote your brand smartly, you need to show the relevant content on your website and to carry it out successfully, you need to sync all the social media accounts with your website and manage them carefully. Image result for social media This aggregation of all the social media accounts in one place gives the user the benefit of visiting your social media platforms without any hassle. In turn, it also brings awareness among the users about the social presence of your brand.

3. Exhibiting User Generated Content

As we know that there are endless ways to display user-generated content by which you can promote your brand and increase the traffic on your website. The data recorded in 2018 has shown that 71% of the customers reviewed the product positively on social media platforms and they also recommend it to their known ones too. Adding the reviews, comments, videos and images of users using your brand creates curiosity, enthusiasm and builds trust among other users and also encourages them to post their feedback with the same hashtag to get themselves reflected on your website.

4. Increases Trust & Authenticity

When you show proof of how other users are using your brand, it builds trust among the visitors of your website. In the times of the digital age, there is growing concern about security and trust, therefore, user-generated content increases the credibility and reputation of a brand. Image result for social media Displaying proof in form of pictures, videos and reviews of the existing users makes your brand authentic and gives a relief to the buyers that they are using the socially acceptable website. This also results in bringing in more conversions as users see online proof and end up making online purchases.

5. Interesting Website Interface

Why would anyone be interested in scrolling through your website and how will they be engaged with your brand? It’ll happen when they’ll see more of what users like them, as well as other customers, have to say about your brand and how many of them are loving the products. Rule 101 of marketing is that the user will buy if he likes what he sees. That makes it really important to keep the website’s content vibrant, alluring and relevant. To retain the customers and to attract new users, blend the fresh and unique social feeds and present them creatively on your website.

6. Lower Bounce Rate Equals More Conversions

As discussed above, if your website seems interesting to the users, they will stay for a longer period and there’s a fine possibility that they might take some action on the website. Bounce rate is the evaluation of how many visitors on the website left after visiting the first web page or in the middle of the activity being performed on the website. The reason being is that the audience is always searching for unique, relevant and catchy content. Hence, using social media feeds on your website can grab users’ attention and they will be able to see your social presence as well. Image result for social media In today’s world, where there is stiff competition between various brands and ‘trust’ being the major concern for the users, it is highly beneficial for the brand to incorporate social media feeds on their website to generate traffic and increase conversions.

Ending Note

There are many benefits of using social media feeds on your website and it results in close interaction with your customers. By adding social media posts, reviews and feedbacks of the customers on your website, the brand not only generates conversions but also influences the visitors to visit your website again in the future. Now you see how important user-generated content is for the website, so embed social media feed and see how it creates magic for your business. Related Article: https://hackernoon.com/6-reasons-why-you-should-add-social-media-feeds-to-your-website-pb7731mw