What is Scrum Master? Four Scrum Master Success Principles


What is Scrum Master? Four Scrum Master Success Principles

The Scrum project management framework has many advantages. Scrum teams can use Scrum to break down large projects into manageable sprints and incorporate feedback from stakeholders. This helps optimize project delivery. However, Agile Scrum’s effectiveness cannot be achieved in a vacuum. The Scrum Master (SM) is responsible for clearing obstacles, coaching the team, and facilitating Agile principles and processes.

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum master is an essential “servant leadership” role in a Scrum team. Although they don’t make decisions, SM is responsible for implementing Agile processes and creating an effective Scrum environment.

Although the SM doesn’t manage the backlog as the product owner nor do technical work like developers, they are crucial to the entire team’s success. What does a Scrum Master do?


What does a Scrum Master do?

Scrum masters eliminate obstacles, ensure Scrum processes follow, training and facilitate Scrum events such as the daily Scrum meeting or sprint review.

A Scrum Master will be most effective if they have experience in Scrum and can coach others. The following are the responsibilities of the SM:

  • Scrum environments that encourage team effectiveness.
  • Eliminate obstacles that could impede the team’s work
  • Make sure that the team is not affected by outside disturbances or diversions

How to be a Scrum Master

Are you interested in learning how to become a Scrum Master? No matter your educational background, anyone can start the journey to becoming a SM. Start your education journey in just a few steps.

  • Learn the key concepts of the Agile methodology. This is the core of Scrum’s methodology. SM candidate should be able to comprehend the Agile Scrum framework.
  • Register to take the Scrum Master certification course. There are many Scrum certifications available. Prices vary depending on the level and location. These SM certification programs teach aspiring candidates fundamental concepts, best practices and Scrum ceremonies.
  • Pass the Scrum master certifications examination. SM candidate must pass the certifications exams with a minimum score of 75%. The Certified Scrum Master is awarded to the successful candidates.

They will then be issued a certification, which must be renewed after two years.

Four Success Principles for Scrum Master

No matter how diverse your Scrum Team’s stakeholders are, they all have the same expectation: Your Scrum team will deliver – a Done, potentially releasable, functional Product Increment every sprint.

Four first principles, in my experience, assist Scrum Masters in helping their teams in meeting this expectation:

Choose Scrum for the Right Purpose

The selection of the proper application location to apply Scrum is crucial. About the Stacey Matrix, using Scrum in the areas of “Chaos” or “Simple” is ineffective. Scrum is most effective within the “Complex” space. In this area, empirical process control excels by utilizing transparency, inspection, and adapting iteratively, progressively generating valuable product increments, thus decreasing the risk incrementally.

Focus on High Product Quality

From day one, try to keep technical debt low and focus daily on ensuring that the product is high quality, which is reflected in the Scrum Team’s Definition of Done. To achieve business agility, you must commit to the quality of products and excellence on the technical side.

Maintain and Create an Actionable Product Backlog

In comes garbage, out goes trash. However good the quality of your Scrum Team is, everything else is equal. A poor Product Backlog can derail the other team’s accomplishments. Thus, it’s recommended to assist the Product Owner and Developers in maintaining a continuously “actionable” product backlog. “Actionable” refers to a refinement level of the Product Backlog, which would allow the Scrum Team to run a significant Sprint Planning at a moment’s need. 

Embrace Self-Management and Bring it to the Scrum Team

Avoid solving difficulties that your teammates can solve on their own. I understand that being helpful feels good, but it is not your role as a SM to be the team’s go-to person for everything. Instead, prioritize self-management and ensure that everyone follows the Scrum Values. Be a servant-leader at heart and an excellent role model for the Scrum team.

What is Scrum Master Certification?

Anyone who wants to be a SM must complete a Scrum master certification. Employers will appreciate the credentials of a few certifying agencies. Their approval will prove that you have the necessary training and skills to manage Agile teams. Scrum Inc and Scrum.org are some examples of organizations that offer Scrum certifications.

Candidates who wish to become Scrum Master certified do not need to meet any formal requirements. Candidates are given a 60-minute exam after completing the training. The successful candidates receive a license agreement as well as a membership profile.

Why every Scrum team needs a good Scrum Master

Scrum masters create the right conditions for development teams to achieve success. Here are some of the benefits of having a great SM.

Empowers collaborative group dynamics

Scrum masters ensure that team members have positive group dynamics and that miscommunications and misunderstandings can be quickly addressed and resolved. The Scrum master fosters a positive group culture and encourages team members to work together on project delivery.

Facilitates quick implementation of changes

There may be times when you need to pivot during ongoing development. This could be to adjust the project’s goals or to include information from the sprint retrospective. It is crucial to be able to implement changes quickly within Scrum teams. This directly impacts the likelihood that a development project can be completed on time.

The Scrum master helps to facilitate change within the development team. He also ensures that group morale doesn’t suffer when necessary to make a pivot. The SM plays this role to help the development team keep on track and whether any significant changes.

A coach to help with Agile Scrum implementation

Implementing Agile methods is key to the success of any development team. As a coach, the Scrum Master guides the team through product design while adhering to the core values of Scrum.

Timely product delivery

The Scrum master oversees the product development process. They ensure that the team is agile and has clear priorities. This helps the team deliver the featured products efficiently and consistently through the efforts of the SM.

Scrum clearly defines roles and rituals that must be followed to ensure effective execution.

Good Scrum Master are committed to Scrum values and practices. They also have flexibility and openness to new opportunities to improve the team’s workflow.

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