How Much Does Outsourcing Payroll Services Cost?

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How Much Does Outsourcing Payroll Services Cost?

Outsourcing payroll services cost is primarily determined by your company’s specific needs and requirements and how much time you’re willing to spend managing it yourself or outsourcing payroll entirely. Do you want to know how much payroll services cost?

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How Is Payroll Pricing Structured?

Payroll is essential to running any business, but it can take time to keep track of. Payroll companies, thankfully, charge their customers for services in three ways.

Per the Frequency

Payroll companies most commonly charge for their services on a per-pay frequency basis. This means that whenever you pay your employees (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly), you will be charged a fee based on how frequently they work and the payment method used.

This approach may be for you if you have a reasonably stable payroll with little change or extra work involved in each pay period. Individual employee charges range from $1.50 to $5 per person, with monthly base fees ranging from $20 to $70 based on an average price of $3 each time someone is paid.

Per Employee Per Month (PEPM)

PEPM provides a new way for employers to save money on payroll by allowing them to pay a single monthly base fee and then add specific rates for each employee. This pricing structure is more affordable than traditional methods, often resulting in significant savings.

Many businesses find that PEPM is an excellent choice for additional payroll runs. Because you don’t have to worry about all those pesky variable costs, this pricing solution makes budgeting easy and efficient for those with predictable employee numbers.

Fixed Pricing

When you work with a payroll company that offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) online solutions, they may charge you an annual flat monthly rate based on the number of employees in your company or range.

When you outsource your payroll, you only pay a flat rate based on the number of employees processed each month. Because it does not require as much processing power or services from an outside company, it may be less expensive than other options for businesses with a small employee count.

How Much Does Outsourcing Payroll Services Cost? A Payroll Company’s Average Cost

In-house payroll processing is both costly and time-consuming. You can save money by outsourcing your company’s need for this service to a professional provider. The average price varies depending on the type of work done, but it is always less than if done internally.

The Basic Cost of Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll service providers frequently charge a basic package fee. The cost can range from as little as $25 per month to more than $200 per month for one payroll service, with all of the perks that come with it, such as online access and direct deposit capability. The pay frequency will primarily determine your costs, the number of employees, and your state.

Payroll companies will provide various discounts to businesses of different sizes and types. Small businesses with a maximum of ten employees pay more than giant corporations because they have fewer employees. It is up to the company whether or not these individuals receive benefits such as health care coverage from work.

Additional Fees for Tax Assistance

If you want the services of a professional tax preparer, you may have to pay an additional fee. Because your introductory package fee may only cover some of their payroll taxes, they may charge you more for year-end reporting than stated in your contract.

Factoring Pay Frequency

When you have many employees, the monthly payroll can become quite costly. You may be paying out more per week or biweekly than if you had fewer weekly transactions, and it’s critical to consider how frequently each payment will arrive for cost calculations on your end.

Payroll service costs vary depending on your chosen company; for an online company, you could pay as little as $25 or as much as $159.57 per month. Some online businesses provide paychecks that can be printed at home. Others, on the other hand, require them to print it and send it by payday for delivery in advance or upon request following notification from an employee’s direct deposit account.

Paycheck Delivery Service

Employers who want to ensure their employees receive their paychecks on time may find payroll delivery services helpful. The rate is determined by the state in which you live. This depends entirely on the shipping company you choose and whether it offers special rates for international business transactions like these.

Additional Payroll Costs

You may be charged for checking, per-check stuffing, and direct deposit, among other things. You’ll also have to pay more if your base fee doesn’t cover all your employees; this is known as “additional payroll.” Some businesses require these additional payments because they must make adjustments on behalf of their customers (such as issuing emergency checks).

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Payroll Service Costs Examples

  • There’s a lot to think about in the world of payroll. According to, basic services range from $0,8 to $2 per check in addition to an initial base fee, while advanced services range from $4 to $9 depending on how many things you need to do at once, such as direct deposit and tax filing.
  • Small businesses using ADP or Paychex to handle their payroll can expect to pay between $250 and $ 1500 monthly.
  • Paying an accountant $250 monthly to do payroll is an intriguing idea. This is less expensive than hiring a full-time employee and may save you time because you won’t have to deal with payroll processing.
  • The average cost of paying an employee’s total payroll in Massachusetts is $25 per bi-monthly pay period and $35 for year-end filings.
  • In Colorado, the monthly payroll cost for one employee was only $13.
  • By paying for small business services such as biweekly paychecks and signed checks, the Michigan-based company saves $45 per month on payroll.
  • Total wage collection, tax payments, and W2s or 1099s are among the payroll services provided by this California-based company, which has fewer than ten employees and outsourced all of its needs to an outside firm for $31 per month. Year-end reports are also completed on time.

At Bestarion, we understand that different businesses have unique needs and preferences regarding pricing models for outsourcing services. We offer two flexible pricing options: Hourly Rate and Value-Based Model.

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What Factors Influence the Price?

When calculating the payroll outsourcing cost for your company, it’s critical to understand exactly what’s included. This allows you to accurately compare businesses and see how much money will be spent on things like employee benefits or other expenses.

Payroll costs alone are enough to make anyone’s head spin. When you add all the other ancillary products and services, things can quickly spiral out of control.

Some outsourcing payroll services that businesses may include or consider “extras” are:

  • Tax filing (the price of which can increase based on the number of states you’re operating in)
  • General ledger interface
  • Employee pay options like direct deposit, pay cards, and paper checks
  • Courier and delivery charges
  • Check stuffing and sealing
  • Quarterly and year-end reporting
  • Form W-2/Form 1099 and Form 1095 processing
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting

Most base fees include payroll services, but popular add-ons will cost you extra. Complete Payroll Solutions, for example, has per payroll period and quarterly tax filing in standard package prices. However, you may want additional features such as employee pay options, check-to-stuff, and sealing. In that case, you must pay an additional fee in addition to what is already charged upfront when purchasing the plan that best meets your needs.

The costs of outsourcing payroll services may surprise you. Extra features and upgrades can quickly add up, so before making any decisions, ask what is not included in your quote.

You may also pay more if you choose to include other solutions that payroll companies frequently offer to improve the efficiency of your HR functions, such as:

Typically, each of these solutions will have its fee structure, which you will pay in addition to your payroll processing fees.

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How Much of the Budget Should Be Allotted to Payroll?

Many service industry businesses have payroll costs that are 50% or higher. Your company is in good shape if you spend between 15% and 30% of your gross revenue.

Employee Payments

Employee compensation can be a significant expense for businesses. These extra costs may include piece rate or per-job compensation, which may increase your payroll costs even more, depending on your company.

Business expenses reimburse sick time whether you pay base wages and salaries or additional costs such as overtime pay, commissions, bonuses, awards, prizes, gifts, pay increases, and severance benefits. Keeping track of your budget is the best way to manage these. Only offer something if it’s worth spending money on.

Employee Benefits

Wages and salary payments are only a tiny part of your payroll cost. If you offer benefits, such as health insurance, those costs should be factored in when calculating how much it will cost to run your business.

Employer Insurance and Taxes

The cost of payroll services varies depending on the company and its services. Payroll services typically include employer taxes and insurance, which can consume a sizable portion of the budget.

Payroll services should account for no more than 10% of a small business’s budget. This percentage, however, can vary depending on the size and needs of the business. Larger companies may need to devote a more significant portion of their budget to payroll to cover their employees. Finally, each company must decide how much of its budget to dedicate to payroll based on its specific needs.

Calculate the actual cost of each employee beyond their base wages and salaries to stay within your desired payroll percentage. If you exceed this amount or there are no other ways to cut costs, consider eliminating bonuses and anything else offered through an incentive program, such as small gifts. So they are not paid more than necessary while providing benefits such as health insurance without breaking any rules.

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Tips On Finding A Company To Assist With Outsourcing Payroll Services

  • Company’s reputation: If you’re looking for a payroll provider who can meet your needs, it’s critical to work with a reputable company that provides excellent customer service and has high industry ratings. Furthermore, ensure that they provide services specifically tailored to companies like yours—this will ensure consistent weekly paychecks.
  • Additional HR services: When looking for a payroll service provider, ensure they provide other HR services. Be on the lookout if your company processes international payrolls and requires assistance with visa consulting or Professional Employer Organization (PEO). You’ll want to ensure that these offerings meet or exceed employee expectations.
  • Information security: Payroll is typically processed electronically, meaning the necessary safeguards for employee data must be in place. Most countries have strict rules about how employers can and cannot use this personal information. When it comes to protecting themselves against potential compromises of confidential information, all businesses should exercise caution.
  • Regulatory compliance capabilities: You want to ensure your company adheres to the most recent regulations and guidelines. To avoid costly surprises down the road, inquire about their compliance capabilities.

Before meeting with potential providers, it is critical to have a list of questions prepared. A good payroll provider will not only spend time answering your questions but will also explain the value they can bring to your business simply and beneficially, regardless of the type of organizational structure you use.

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Payroll Outsourcing Best Practices

Consider the reputation and experience of the provider.

When considering Payroll Outsourcing, take your time with a decision; be thorough and attentive. Perform due diligence on the provider’s reputation and experience to ensure you’re entrusting your company to a company that can manage employee payments without errors or data breaches. Finally, conducting thorough research beforehand gives employers greater peace of mind when delegating this critical responsibility.

Keep Regulations and Tax Burdens in Mind

It is critical for Payroll Outsourcing to stay up to date on compliance regulations and taxes. Companies must consider their provider’s country’s employment laws or face negative consequences.

Ensuring that a third-party provider has accurately remitted all applicable tax payments should be at the top of any organization’s priority list. Failure to do so may result in costly penalties for which your company will be fully liable.

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Take Your Time

Experienced companies understand the value of their outsourcing contracts, but for those just starting, it’s critical to take a measured and thorough approach. To protect your company’s interests, it is vital to thoroughly research potential providers before signing contracts.

Finding a new payroll provider is more than just an administrative task; it is the lifeblood of any business, powering its most valuable asset: its people. With sensitive data at stake, this decision should be taken seriously, especially when duties such as manufacturing and customer service outsourcing are considered.

Outsourcing payroll services can be a wise business decision. It can save you time and money while freeing up resources for other aspects of your business—however, a few things to consider when selecting a payroll service provider. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Payroll processing is one of the Finance and Accounting Services that Bestarion provides boutique, customized processes to meet the needs of many large corporate clients in the world. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations regarding customization, accuracy, timeliness, and creativity. Please contact us if you require additional assistance!

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