DevOps Bootcamp – 5 Best DevOps Bootcamps 2022


DevOps Bootcamp – 5 Best DevOps Bootcamps 2022



What is DevOps?

Developmental operations, or DevOps, is a set of philosophies, practices and tools that  improves a company’s capacity to build applications and services. This helps developers create products that are high-quality, efficient. DevOps bootcamp will educate students with an in-depth understanding of a variety of areas to assist them in achieving their goals as DevOps experts.

DevOps is an important part of many tech products and businesses. Even though it’s a new practice, both beginners and experts have a good chance of getting jobs. DevOps can be thought of as a way for software developers and IT staff to work together. It makes sure that the quality of new software is high.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a DevOps engineer is $105,017 per year. This is above average, indicating that those with greater experience can make even more per year. If you attend a DevOps bootcamp program, even if you have no prior experience, you will have access to higher salary and more career options.

What Is a DevOps Coding Bootcamp?

A DevOps coding bootcamp provides students with a brief, rigorous path to acquire technological abilities. It converts students from novices to specialists in coding through entertaining courses that emphasize job-readiness. The most effective DevOps bootcamps educate students in programming languages, Agile development and information technology.

Learners prefer online DevOps bootcamps, but there are in-person, full-time, and part-time programs, and some even offer flexible schedules. Some DevOps bootcamps only last a few weeks, while others go on for a few months. These DevOps training programs cover everything from basic to advanced DevOps practices. They also teach common tools that a DevOps specialist would use.

Why You Should Attend a DevOps Bootcamp

If you want to learn popular programming languages like Python, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL like a pro, you should attend a DevOps bootcamp. Coding bootcamps like App Academy, Clarusway, and WeCloudData are the best places to learn DevOps. Through hands-on projects, these bootcamps will teach you how to use the most important DevOps tools and give you the in-demand skills you need to do well in this field.

DevOps training programs include cloud computing, DevOps principles, prep courses, and debugging cloud-based applications. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for DevOps engineers will grow by 22% by the end of 2030.

Benefits of Learning DevOps Bootcamp

Changeable speed. Students have a lot of freedom in DevOps bootcamps because many courses can be done at their own pace. This will also help you better manage your time, especially if you work full-time or are very busy.

Career-oriented skills. Bootcamps will help you focus on real-world skills you can use right away. Many bootcamps also help you build your professional portfolio and improve your soft skills to have a successful tech career.

Affordability. A degree in computer science looks good on paper, but it can be expensive and not worth the money. If you want to work in a tech field but don’t want to break the bank, DevOps bootcamps are a good choice because they offer many ways to pay for them.

There are many ways to learn. There are different ways to learn at DevOps bootcamps, like self-paced and part-time courses. Each will help you learn on your own time and in the best way for you. For many DevOps bootcamps, you don’t need to have worked in the field before.

In-demand skills. Most people who finish a bootcamp get a job in the first four months. This is especially true of DevOps bootcamps, since people in the tech field want people with DevOps skills. If you have the right skills, it won’t take long to find a job.

How Much Does a DevOps Bootcamp Cost?

A DevOps bootcamp can cost between $900 – $20,000. How much you should pay will depend on whether you take a DevOps bootcamp online or in-person and whether you attend school full-time or part-time. Also, the price of a DevOps bootcamp depends on the topic you want to learn about. For instance, Amazon Web Services (AWS) courses can cost more than cloud computing courses that you take online.

Even if the price of a DevOps bootcamp is high, there are several ways that students can pay for their tuition. Personal loans, an income share agreement (ISA), monthly payments, or scholarships are all ways to get money.

What is the length of a DevOps bootcamp?

A DevOps bootcamp could last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The length of a DevOps Bootcamp depends on whether you study it full-time or part-time. The course length may also depend on the subject you want to learn about since some programs teach more than others.

Self-paced online bootcamps, on the other hand, let you finish the course on your own time if you work full-time. Also, online DevOps bootcamps may have slightly different courses, which will make your bootcamp experience different.

What’s the difference between DevOps bootcamps and DevOps MOOCs?

MOOCs are not the same as DevOps bootcamps, and MOOCs let you learn DevOps at your own pace, without any homework or deadlines for projects. You can also take a DevOps class online at any time since most MOOCs sessions are already recorded.

MOOCs are a good option for professionals who can’t afford to attend a Bootcamp but still want to build their professional network, knowledge, and technical skills. DevOps MOOCs are like bootcamps in terms of what they teach. They offer online training on similar topics, such as open-source coding practices, mobile app development, and backend development. Peers can help people new to the field learn the basics of DevOps and give them helpful feedback on their DevOps projects.

Can Anyone Learn DevOps?

Yes, anyone can learn DevOps as long as they are interested in the field and want to improve the way applications and services are made. There are many ways to become a DevOps engineer.

For example, you can enrol in an online DevOps program to get the hands-on experience you need, or you can sign up for an online, self-paced DevOps bootcamp if you want to work in DevOps but don’t have time to study.

Why you should learn DevOps?

Job opportunities. Many IT fields, such as business analysis and software development, do well with DevOps. This means that top companies are more likely to hire you if you have skills in DevOps engineering and put them on your resume.

Versatility. DevOps is an important part of any tech project, from mobile development to big data projects. DevOps is important to the success of many different departments and businesses so that you can use your skills in many other jobs.

Workplace improvement. DevOps makes every project easier and learning it will also let you work with people from different backgrounds, which will speed up projects. DevOps also puts a lot of emphasis on quality control, which can make the process even more streamlined.

Favourable job outlook. DevOps has created a lot of new jobs in the tech field. As more companies go digital, job prospects are suitable for all tech jobs, and you may even be able to choose how many hours you work each week.

High demand. In the current job market, a career in DevOps is a good choice. DevOps is getting increasingly popular, and more tech companies and departments are hiring tech workers who know about DevOps.

What kinds of jobs can you get with DevOps?

The best DevOps bootcamp will help you get a job in this tech field. After attend a DevOps bootcamp, it’s not hard to get a job because you’ll have many useful skills in the DevOps field. Also, a bootcamp can help you find DevOps jobs even if you don’t have a degree. This is because the courses you take and the hands-on projects you do will give you the skills needed in the industry.

The career services at a DevOps bootcamp will give you great advice about your career. They will teach you how to negotiate your salary, help you prepare for technical interviews, and give you hands-on practice to get a DevOps job with a top company.

You can become a DevOps architect, a security engineer, or a system engineer if you know how to do DevOps. There are also a lot of other tech jobs that need some knowledge of DevOps. Check out some of the best DevOps jobs listed below.

DevOps Architect 

Salary: $126,893

DevOps architects build and keep IT platforms running. They make sure that a company’s IT system works well and meets its needs. They plan processes, write down how IT functions, and keep track of projects. This is one of the DevOps jobs that pays the most.

Security Engineer

Salary: $111,691

Security engineers make sure that electronic information and devices are safe by designing security systems and tools. They develop metrics and procedures to measure how well security systems work and design the infrastructure to back them up. DevOps helps them stay on track and make sound security systems.

System Engineer

Salary: $92,380

A system engineer works on the border between engineering and management. They work with other departments to make systems that help the business reach its goals. They are also in charge of creating software for systems, analyzing data, and, when necessary, upgrading systems.

DevOps Release Engineer

Salary: $129,810

Release engineers take care of and improve the software products of a company. They ensure that organizations get software updates on time and supervise the implementation process from start to finish.

DevOps Cloud Engineer

Salary: $124,556

A DevOps Cloud Engineer needs to know how to code and do engineering. A DevOps Cloud Engineer works with the different parts of a company to design and build solutions. A DevOps Cloud Engineer improves the efficiency of the workplace by building and deploying systems software.

Is a DevOps Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a DevOps bootcamp is worth it because you will learn the skills you need to succeed in many DevOps roles. Students in a DevOps Bootcamp also take in-person and online DevOps classes, which teach them more than just engineering and programming and help them master the software development cycle. Companies in the tech industry are more likely to hire people who can show they know how development operations work.

With the help of DevOps bootcamps, it’s easy to learn how to code in a way that will help you get a job. You can choose how fast you want to know about DevOps. You also learn the exact skills you need for the job, and there are different ways to pay for it that can save you money. If you want to learn DevOps, you should attend one of these top DevOps bootcamps.

Top 5 DevOps Bootcamp source

1. Simplilearn

DevOps Courses OfferedPost Graduate Program in DevOps
LocationOnline, San Francisco, New York City
Program TypesOnline, In-Person, Part-time, Full time
DescriptionSimplilearn’s Masters Programs are intensive, online bootcamps for Full Stack Web Development, Data Science and Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Big Data Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Project Management, Digital Marketing, among others. Simplilearn’s efforts are focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. Each bootcamp comprises of live online classes from world-class industry practitioners and highly-rated trainers, integrated online labs, projects, case studies, industry masterclasses and 24/7 support to offer learners the best chance at succeeding in the professional world. This practical and outcomes-focused approach has resulted in 85 percent of learners reporting career benefits including promotion or a new job.  
There is no interview process for the Masters Programs. Once students have registered and paid for the course, they will have 24/7 access to the eLearning content on Simplilearn’s website for 365 days. Students will receive a course purchase confirmation receipt by email that will guide them through the process of the specific Masters Program that they purchased.
In addition to Masters Programs, Simplilearn also offers SkillUp, an e-learning platform that offers over 100 free courses in Data Science, Cybersecurity, AI & Machine Learning, Software Development, and more. SkillUp students learn foundational skills through free online course content curated by industry experts.
Simplilearn Financing OptionsSimplilearn offers upfront payment and doesn’t disclose other payment options. Many of its courses are short and therefore affordable, so you won’t have to pay as much as other providers.

2. Nucamp

DevOps Courses Offered
Web Development Fundamentals (4 week)
Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python (16 week) 
Front End Web and Mobile Development (17 week)
Full Stack Web and Mobile Application Development (22 week)
Cost$458 – $2328
LocationOnline, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellingham, Marysville, Seattle, Dallas, San Antonio, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Orlando, Washington, San Diego, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Detroit, Reno, Baltimore, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Riverside, San Francisco, San Jose, Irvine, Orange County, Oakland, Online, Charleston, Chattanooga, St. Paul
Program TypesOnline, Part-time
DescriptionNucamp is a coding bootcamp that offers part-time, online programs, including Back End, SQL, DevOps with Python (16 weeks); Front End Web & Mobile Development (17 weeks); and Full Stack Web & Mobile Development (22 weeks). Nucamp also offers a 4-week introduction bootcamp that covers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Nucamp is on a mission to make quality education accessible and affordable to everyone. The online bootcamps include both self-paced and actively mentored study, and there are no more than 15 students per class with a dedicated instructor for each cohort.   
Admission is open to all 18-years and older (some states require HS graduation or GED). To enroll in a bootcamp, complete Nucamp’s online registration form. 
Students of the longer bootcamps are prepared for entry-level, Junior web developer jobs. Nucamp offers career services and 1:1 career coaching to bootcamp students. Nucamp also offers exclusive access to a nationwide job board tailored to Nucamp graduates.
Nucamp Financing OptionsAt Nucamp, you can pay your tuition upfront, through installments, with a Fair Student Agreement, or with scholarships. The Fair Student Agreement is the same as an ISA, where you don’t have to pay until you get a job. Nucamp also offers scholarships for veterans, recent high school graduates, and people who have been impacted by COVID-19.

3. BrainStation

DevOps Courses OfferedCybersecurity (10 week)
Data Analytics (10 week)
Data Science (10 week)
Data Science Bootcamp (12 week)
Product Management Course Online
Cost$900 – $15.000
LocationBoston, Chicago, Dallas, London, Miami, New York, Online, Toronto, Vancouver
Program TypesOnline, In-Person, Part-time, Full time
DescriptionBrainStation offers full-time and part-time courses in data science, design, development, marketing, cyber security and product in New York City, Miami, London, Toronto, Vancouver, and through an Online Live platform. BrainStation’s goal is to empower individuals, businesses, and brands to succeed in the digital age by offering diploma programs, certification courses, and training options across the full digital product lifecycle. BrainStation provides a collaborative, project-based learning experience, with curriculum updated on a daily basis to ensure professionals gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in their careers.  
BrainStation’s class structure combines engaging, in-person instruction with interactive online content and a hands-on, project-based curriculum. To account for different learning styles and schedules, BrainStation offers a variety of flexible learning options, including Online Live. Powered by Synapse, a data-driven learning platform, Online Live learning lets students attend live lectures, collaborate with fellow professionals, and receive immediate, real-time feedback from instructors – from anywhere in the world. Whether students are looking for career transformation or professional development, BrainStation has a learning option, with full-time diploma programs, part-time certificate courses, and specialized skills training.
BrainStation Financing OptionsBrainStation has a few payment plans. You can opt for upfront payment, monthly installments, and scholarships. You can also ask for employer support if you’re working while you learn. You should check before you apply if you’re eligible for any of BrainStation’s current scholarships.

4. App Academy

DevOps Courses Offered

Full Stack Web Development
Bootcamp Prep 
App Academy Open
Cost$1.795 – $20.000
LocationOnline, San Francisco, New York City
Program TypesOnline, In-Person, Part-time, Full time
DescriptionApp Academy is a unique coding bootcamp that offers immersive web development courses. You can enroll part-time or full-time, and you can take courses onsite or online. App Academy’s full stack web development program is a great way to learn the elements of DevOps.  
The course prepares you to become a full stack developer. You can learn to build from scratch with Python, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and HTML. In the process, you’ll learn to accelerate your projects using Express, ReactJS, SQLAlchemy, and Flask.
App Academy Financing OptionsAt App Academy, you can pay upfront, defer your tuition, or use a loan. If you choose to defer, you don’t need to make any deposit until you start earning at least $50,000 per year. After that, you pay 15 percent of your earnings. App Academy also partners with Climb to offer loans.

5. Clarusway

DevOps Courses Offered
AWS Solutions Architect/ DevOps Engineer
Back End Development
Blockchain & Web 3.0 Development
Cyber Security Analyst Professional
Front End Development
Cost$4.800 – $13.800
Program TypesOnline, Part-time
DescriptionClarusway offers online bootcamps in three main program tracks: AWS DevOPs, Full Stack Development, and Data Science. Bootcamps can be completed in 24-36 weeks depending on the student’s incoming skill level. Clarusway is committed to helping individuals attain practical knowledge through affordable and effective IT training programs. Clarusway programs include mentorship programs, peer-learning, and project-based group study methods. Students gain requisite classroom knowledge paired with the necessary hands-on skills demanded by today’s tech industry.    
Clarusway programs are designed for beginner to advanced level. Clarusway offers six training packages for beginners and ten training packages for professionals, offered under three main IT career paths (AWS/DevOps, Full Stack Development, Data Science). Each career path consists of modules. Clarusway offers a beginner-friendly IT Fundamentals (ITF) Program for total beginners before they start intermediate-level courses. Beginner-level students are free to choose which career path they will continue to follow after completing the ITF module. Clarusway also has intermediate and advanced level programs that require some level of previous IT experience. 
Clarusway Financing OptionsISA, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing

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