5 Skills All Front-End Developers Need to Learn in 2021

Front-end development has improved a lot in the last 5 years. A lot has changed, and we now have to master new frameworks, tools, and libraries. It’s no longer sufficient to know HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
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Front-end development encompasses more than just the creation of interactive static websites. There are a lot of things that front-end developers need to concentrate on these days. We can construct fantastic web apps leveraging the power of JavaScript thanks to the rise of new technologies and frameworks like React and Vue. In this essay, we’ll discuss the useful abilities that a frontend developer should have in 2021. So let’s get this party started.

1. Frontend Frameworks

Nowadays, every frontend developer should be familiar with at least one framework. As I previously stated, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are insufficient because we want to build online applications rather than static web pages. If you want to develop web apps quickly, frameworks are a fantastic alternative. React and Vue will be the most popular front-end frameworks in 2021. They are both fantastic and simple to learn. Furthermore, they include several important features that make the development process easier for developers. For large enterprise projects, Angular is still a good choice. However, in 2021, I would recommend focusing solely on React and Vue because they are simple to learn and have a large community (Sorry Angular developers).

2. Testing

These days, testing is an integral aspect of any front-end application. When working on personal projects, you may choose to skip testing, but when working with major organizations and organizations, testing is always required. You must be familiar with several types of tests, including unit tests, integration tests, and functional testing. If you’re using React, for example, you can use Jest, Cypress, or React-testing-library. 5-Skills-All-Front-End-Developers-Need-to-Learn You can also sometimes choose between manual tests and automated tests if you want to speed up the testing process. So, no matter what kind of developer you are, testing is incredibly useful, especially if you want to work for a huge company that tests its code all the time.

3. Static Site Generators

A static site generator is a tool that takes templates, components, and data and generates static HTML pages before the application is deployed. The site functions as a single-page application after the initial request; no additional requests for further pages are made to the server. Static site generators (SSG) are a good approach to combine the power of server-side rendering with the flexibility of single-page apps. As a result, we get better SEO, better performance, and the site is easier to maintain. In 2021, all frontend devs should have this expertise. There are a lot of SSG tools that you can learn depending on what framework you’re using. Here are some of the most popular ones in 2021:

4. JAMstack

JAMstack stands for JavaScript (client-side: React, Vue, etc. ), APIs (backend functionality obtained through APIs), and Markup (prebuilt markup at build time). It’s a new and better approach to build websites with established technologies for improved performance, speed, security, scalability, and development experience. A server is not required for JAMstack sites. JAMstack applications are now supported by hosters like Netlify and Vercel. JAMstack is used by many huge enterprises to provide their users with a better experience and performance. As a front-end developer in 2021, this is an excellent talent to have. You may learn more about JAMstack by reading this article on FreeCodeCamp. 5-Skills-All-Front-End-Developers-Need-to-Learn

5. Progressive Web Apps

PWAs (progressive web applications) will undoubtedly be popular in 2021. Many businesses adopt PWA to provide an excellent user experience. Progressive web apps are quite handy since they can run without access to the internet (offline), can be put on the home screen, and allow for push notifications, among other things. These apps are quick, dependable, and entertaining. You can check out the resources below if you’re interested.


As you can see, these are the important things that a modern frontend developer should know in 2021. These skills or tools are very useful to have and they offer a great experience for developers and users. Related Article: https://javascript.plainenglish.io/5-skills-all-front-end-developers-need-to-learn-in-2021-e132a63d0b48