Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Know

Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Know

If you’re a software developer, you should be aware of the following 2021 software development trends. Learn how to use them and start putting them to use. Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Know Integration of cutting-edge technologies, as well as the usage of innovative development techniques that are tailored to the needs of clients, are important indicators of where enterprises should focus their efforts. New software development technologies emerge every year, and staying steady is no longer an option. As a result, it appears that being a leader in emerging software technologies is the only option to acquire a competitive edge and match client expectations. With several practical breakthroughs in a range of disciplines, the year 2020 was a defining milestone for the software development community. COVID-19 has pushed the digital revolution significantly, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. If you want to learn about the top 5 software development trends for 2021, keep reading.

1. Focus On the Cloud

With the exception of a few industries, the majority of industries were badly impacted during COVID-19. During the global pandemic, cloud computing was a forerunner industry that developed stronger than before. COVID-19 has dispelled any remaining doubts or hesitation about cloud adoption. Simply said, cloud adoption has emerged as one of the most important software development trends for 2021. According to Forrester, the worldwide public cloud IT infrastructure market would grow by 35% to a whopping 120 billion dollars by 2021. As a result, regardless of your business, plan your Cloud migration immediately, as the entire world is shifting to Cloud sooner rather than later. Cloud-Native Engineers will be in short supply and in high demand in 2021 and beyond.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Rising Like Never Before

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a set of technologies that can manage massive amounts of data from customers in order to provide a more personalized and richer user experience. According to the 2020 McKinsey State of AI survey, 50% of respondents claimed AI had already been used in at least one function at their companies. So, in 2021, what are the most prominent AI software development trends?
  • Growth in computer vision applications that use data sensors and cameras to monitor public environments. The apps will be able to measure social estrangement in the post-pandemic environment using artificial neural networks.
  • Companies will use predictive analytics mixed with computing power to locate prospective customers in large numbers. Companies can have accessibility to the sales data of hundreds of customers and learn about their preferences using AI algorithms.
  • Robotics will be increasingly used to manage rule-based business operations in finance, branding, and manufacturing.
When discussing AI application trends, we can readily discover examples of AI applications in the building of well-functioning websites and apps. To detect spam reviews, several review business directory web applications and platforms, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, CityLocal Pro, and others, use AI algorithms. These platforms use automated tools to assess whether reviews are trustworthy in order to provide customers with more accurate review data. Not only that, but the vast majority of websites and applications rely on AI to detect user activity in order to function. This might involve recommending products that consumers appear to be more interested in. As a software developer, it is essential to comprehend these AI trends. Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Know

3. The Next Big Development Is Progressive Web Applications

People no longer wait for an app to be downloaded before using it because they want a quick response. Web applications do this by being substantially faster to download than traditional apps, while simultaneously offering a user experience similar to native apps and the ability to send notifications. According to Forbes, because progressive web applications may be utilized offline, they increase user engagement by 137 percent. Because they don’t require several versions for different devices, these types of apps are both cost-effective and time-saving to create. As a result, progressive web applications are expected to be one of the most popular software development trends in 2021. The Washington Post, Pinterest, and Starbucks are just a few of the businesses that have already embraced progressive web applications. Pinterest has witnessed a 44 percent increase in ad revenue and a 40 percent increase in user time spent on its progressive web application when compared to its mobile website, according to a case study.

4. Java and JVM Remain Popular Among Programmers

Since its introduction to the software development world in the mid-1990s, Java has moved to the top of the list of most popular software development platforms. Due to its high level of security, Java has been adopted by a huge number of enterprises, and key service providers such as Amazon and Google support it for application development. Java is also highly reliable, has a big number of open-source libraries, and is extensively utilized in Android App Development. Because of the JVM functionality, it also gives you a lot of platform flexibility. As a result, some popular programming languages, such as Kotlin and Groovy, employ JVM as their runtime. Despite the fact that it has no competition in terms of reliability and security, Java ranks among the top software development trends in 2021, requiring developers to closely monitor and learn every new Java programming innovation. Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Know

5. The Internet of Things Is Expanding

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that refers to the use of the Internet to connect computer devices to common objects. According to Business Insider, by 2027, the world will have over 41 billion IoT devices, which is five times the number in 2019. The invention has become one of the significant software development trends in 2021 because of its ability to collect massive amounts of data from sensors, process it, and transport it across cloud networks. This strategy is ideal because it eliminates delays, provides superior security, and generates a user interface that is interactive. In addition to typical applications, we will see an increase in IoT utilization in the healthcare industry and in remote work companies in 2021. The importance of online and remote healthcare has grown even more since the release of COVID-19. Patients and healthcare practitioners currently have the ability to share clinical treatment guidelines in real-time, a technique that will be substantially facilitated by impending 5G and smart hardware technologies. Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Know

Final Thoughts

Things that were previously referred to as science fiction have long since perished. Additionally, they are on their way to becoming a standard element of businesses of all kinds. Modern software development tools provide a wealth of benefits to consider. We’ll be watching each of these domains’ continuous growth and evolution through 2022. ——————————- Bestarion Software Company is one of the top software outsourcing vendors in Vietnam, which provides software development/consultation services specializing in Healthcare Supply Chain, Financial, Hospitality, Banking, Education, Security Trading services for the last 14+ years. Moreover, we helped the U.S. healthcare organizations of savings up to 15% of the annual supply chain spend on 34,000 subscribed users. We are a global Software Development firm providing services to clients spread across 15 countries and have been successful in outsourcing services Contact us for any concerns you have on deciding to develop the project to have a free consultation. Related Article: