Nowadays, JavaScript apps is frequently utilized in web development. It aids in the development of interactive websites as well as responsive desktop and mobile applications. JavaScript has a large community of supporters due to its convenience. JS users are ready to share their ideas and life hacks with their colleagues. This trend is advantageous because it eliminates the need to start from scratch when developing a simple app with basic features. As a result, JS demos might be useful when you need something basic and quick, or a brief prototype for a larger project in the future. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular apps for you in this overview. They come from modern and prominent JS libraries that care about their products, update them on a regular basis, and offer responsive tech support to developers. Furthermore, all of the solutions available provide a free trial period to their users. Search the tools to find the one you’ve been looking for.


Javascript app demo
Gantt charts are one of the most useful project management tools. It lets users to keep track of their teams’ progress, assign tasks and resources to team members, split jobs, and display important pathways. GanttPRO combines the benefits of a Gantt chart with team collaboration, time management, budget tracking, and other capabilities. It’s a complete project management software that can make working processes for teams of all sizes more easier. You can request a demo, and technical support will contact you as soon as possible.

Webix Gantt Chart

Webix Grantt Chart
One more Gantt Chart javascript app was built by The Webix team. It’s a complicated widget that may be used as a whole web application. It works with every device, all modern browsers, and major frameworks and is ready to integrate into any scenario. Complex scaling and zooming, showcasing available resources on a diagram, and omitting holidays from workers’ working time are only a few of the advanced features.

DHTMLX Scheduler

DHTMLX Scheduler Javascript Demo
Now we’ll look at schedulers. Calendars and schedulers can assist in the organization of all events and activities and their display in a user-friendly manner. DHTMLX’s scheduler is simple to use but provides adequate functionality. There are three different viewing modes to choose from. The functions include adding, updating, and deleting events, as well as specifying the event’s start and end hours.

Bryntum Scheduler

Bryntum Scheduler Javascript demo
The Bryntum product is another scheduler to compare the features of. It is the scheduler’s PRO edition. As a result, it combines the features of a calendar and a Gantt chart. Tasks may be added, resources can be allocated, tasks can be added, deleted, or split, and dependencies between them can be specified. The scheduler’s settings include five alternative themes and multiple localization options. The sample is useful since it demonstrates the code editor, and the connections to all of the components point to the appropriate documentation, which considerably reduces the learning curve. See more: 20 JavaScript Libraries To Use In Your Projects

Webix File Manager

Webix File Manager
A useful JavaScript demo is a file management solution . It aids in data organization and makes the working process more organised and organized. The Webix UI library was responsible for the creation of this solution. It aids in the organization of files in a practical manner. There are three different views: table, cards, and split panels. In the preview window, text files can be modified, and video and audio files can be played.

DevExtreme Kanban

Kanban is a software tool that was created using a kanban board as its foundation. It’s a board with tickets organized into three columns based on their status. To Do, In Process, and Completed are the columns. The titles in different solutions may differ, but the concept remains the same. Users can utilize the application to visualize their progress, see what tasks remain, and allocate resources accordingly. In general, the application performs admirably when it comes to project management chores. DevExtreme provides JS components for online and mobile app development. Vue, React, Angular, and jQuery are all used in the components.
DevExtreme Kanban JS Demo

Webix Kanban

Another Javascript app from The Webix UI library. Task cards are added to the app. There is drag-and-drop functionality as well as swimlanes and filtering options. Users can utilize highlighters to indicate which tasks are the most important. A context menu is available on each card. In overall, the tool is quite user-friendly and simple to understand. It has the potential to greatly improve the team’s performance.
Webix-Kanban-JS Widget-Bestarion
Webix Kanban JS Widget

Infragistics Team Collaboration App

Infragistics Team Collaboration App
Infragistics Team Collaboration App shows how the team collaboration tool works. This capability is especially important in the case of distant work. The Infragistics application connects team members’ duties to a variety of dashboards. The jobs are arranged according to the calendar dates. Lists, tables, and cards can be used to organize tasks. All of the elements can be readily customized.

GoJS Diagrams

GoJS Diagrams
Now we’ve arrived at diagrams, which play a role in the visual aspect of any program. It is possible to present even the most intricate material in a simple and understandable manner using diagrams. Go JS provides a large number of sample files. All of the diagrams are editable and can be used in a variety of settings.

Webix Diagram Library

Webix Diagram Library
Webix’s diagram collection covers a wide range of diagrams and charts. Personal shapes can be applied to the blocks. Both the blocks and the data are affected by CRUD operations. In addition, there is an inbuilt Diagram Editor that makes interacting with the diagrams easier. JavaScript demos of the popular components come in useful for developers. Demos allow them to see the app and get a sense of what to expect from the features. Furthermore, demos greatly simplify the process of dealing with customers. Customers decide whether or not they are interested in a product after viewing demos. Powerful developers always provide demos of their goods, as well as a free trial period to learn how to use the product and acquire a feel for it.