7 Keys To Get Guarantee Project Success

7 Keys To Get Guarantee Project Success

If you’re in charge of a project, you’ll want to be prepared to take on the challenge. So, what can you do to ensure the success of your project?
7 Keys To Get Guarantee Project Success

For a variety of reasons, management may seek to outsource projects to outside providers. Perhaps it wishes to improve operating efficiency. Perhaps it wishes to expand its knowledge. Or perhaps it simply wishes to focus management attention on vital activities. Whatever the reason, the only thing that matters is project success, at least as far as you’re concerned.

You’re a hero if it does. If it doesn’t, then, then……

Keys To Get Your Project Success

Every project is different. Each has its own set of success factors. However, there are some factors that all successful initiatives have in common.

The following are seven of them. Including them in your project will ensure its success.

1. Set Clear Objectives

The importance of well-defined goals cannot be overstated. Everyone should understand what success entails. Reduced expenses, improved services, increased customer happiness, or the freeing up of management resources could all be the goals of the project. Whatever the goals are, be sure they are stated clearly.

2. Define The Scope

In addition to setting clear objectives, you also need to define the project’s scope. Providers need to know exactly what’s expected of them before they can develop a solution for you and price it correctly.

7 Keys To Get Guarantee Project Success

3. Put Metrics In Place

Having well-defined measurements is one of the most important factors in achieving success. This step should be completed before you start looking for a provider. How can a provider meet or surpass expectations if the necessary measurements aren’t defined?

4. Share The Risk And Rewards

It’s simple to share only the risk with a service provider. However, you must also share the benefits. Let the supplier know if the project is going well and you’re accomplishing your objectives. Similarly, if the provider fails to satisfy the project’s KPIs, levy a monetary or other penalties.

7 Keys To Get Guarantee Project Success

5. Deliver Quality

Customer happiness hinges on providing high-quality service, especially when it comes to tech assistance. Be precise about what factors go into determining quality. Use a metric that counts the frequency of service requests reopened with the same issue to stress the quality component of delivery.

Action Point: Develop a set of metrics that define quality. Make sure it includes one that measures the number of requests for service reopened with the same problem.

6. Hire For Scalability

Savvy managers choose a provider based on expertise, quality, price, and scalability. Your provider needs to be able to handle your growth, so look at its ability to scale. Can it respond to your needs if you require it?

7. Deliver Cost Predictability For Project Success

The cost of a project is usually determined by the scope of the work. However, in general, you want to get as accurate a cost estimate as possible. No one will be surprised this way. Transition charges, termination costs, and price adjustment methods, if necessary, should all be clearly stated in any contract you create.

7 Keys To Get Guarantee Project Success

Bonus: Build In-Process Controls For Project Success

When negotiating the contract, you should include process controls. You should ideally have control over the essentials, such as key employees assigned to the project, service delivery technique (e.g. work practices and processes), and technology use.

Last but not least, devise an escape strategy. Make sure that any contract you create specifies what will happen if the supplier terminates. Require the provider to assist in the transition to a new provider or back in-house following termination to ensure service continuity.

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