5 Reasons Why a Recruitment Career Is Worth Considering


5 Reasons Why a Recruitment Career Is Worth Considering


Recruitment work is fast-paced, dynamic, and demanding but provides numerous opportunities. Consultants in the recruitment industry can help others advance in their careers while advancing on their own. Whether you are looking for a new job or a career change, now could be a good time to consider this rewarding profession.

Here are five reasons to consider a career in recruitment:

1. You will learn valuable skills that are in high demand.

The most valuable asset here is the knowledge you will gain along the way. Recruitment is a service industry in which you assist others through a process. This will assist you in developing interpersonal skills, communication skills, and relationship management skills, all of which are transferable to other industries. Recruitment is a people-oriented profession in which you regularly interact with various people in various situations. As you understand a larger audience from various backgrounds, you can develop your soft skills and sharpen your interactive skills. Individuals must be organized, efficient, analytical, and methodical in carrying out processes such as job matching, character assessments through interviews, background checks, and due diligence, including reference checks of the job seeker or prospective candidate. This means you’ll be regularly putting your time management and analytical skills to the test and honing your organizational skills. All of this contributes to acquiring numerous valuable skills in high demand and easily transferable to other industries.

2. You are helpful to others while advancing in your career.

Working in recruitment requires you to interact regularly with clients (employers) and candidates (job seekers), which will help you improve your listening and interpersonal skills. You will better understand your clients’ and candidates’ needs and desires as you build relationships with them. This can help you sharpen your critical thinking skills during problem-solving processes as you work with candidates to help them land their dream jobs. At the same time, you assist the client in achieving their goals. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of the job market for a variety of industries and roles. You will frequently interact with hiring managers, company representatives, and other high-profile individuals from various industries, mainly if you work for a large and well-established recruitment firm. These networks may be helpful to you in the future for your career. For example, you could use their recommendations to get sponsorships or advance your career.

3. It is a dynamic and fast-paced industry.

The recruitment industry is fast-paced and dynamic, with numerous opportunities for growth and change. It is a constantly developing and evolving industry. The recruitment industry evolves in tandem with the various industries and job markets. New technologies can completely transform recruitment processes and provide recruiters with more learning opportunities. For example, large and established recruitment firms are implementing technologies to assist their Career Consultants in sourcing, assessing, and interviewing candidates. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and AI-powered applications improve the hiring process through automation and analytical functions that help the recruiter speed up the process and cycle of tasks while providing more valuable data. As your recruitment career progresses, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills that will allow you to set clear goals and be adaptable to future changes.

4. Flexibility promotes mental health through hybrid work.

It is a “people business” in which the needs of clients and candidates are met. They must work in the office to receive support from their back office and leaders. Still, they will occasionally be out in the field, either interviewing candidates in person (or virtually online) or meeting with their clients. This means recruiters can plan their schedules and communicate with their team leaders. According to Mental Health UK, work autonomy can help promote mental health and resilience and protect against harmful stress and burnout.

5. There is always a need for recruitment specialists.

According to the Business Market Insights report, published in July 2021, the APAC online recruitment industry is expected to grow from USD6.8 billion in 2021 to USD12.4 billion by 2028, representing a 9% CAGR. As businesses expand, grow, and seek new clients, the demand for qualified Recruitment Consultants to focus on and serve specific industries grows. This means that there are numerous opportunities for Recruitment Consultants in the future.


Building or starting a career as a Consultant with a large and established recruitment firm has many long-term benefits. While this role is not without its challenges, there are numerous benefits and perks to look forward to. You will, for example, be able to gain transferable skills and build useful networks while assisting employers and candidates in achieving their objectives. You get to learn new skills constantly, have flexible work hours to manage your health better, and may even be among the first to hear about new job openings and industry trends, all while exploring ways to advance your career. As a result, if you’re considering a career change for a more challenging but rewarding job, or if you’re looking for a job that can provide you with a solid stepping stone for your future, working for a well-known recruitment firm may be the ideal fit for you.

Bestarion allows our recruiters to work in a hybrid style because we understand the value of flexibility. We prioritize our employees’ mental health because we know that a happy and healthy workforce is the key to successful recruitment.

If you’d like to learn more about a recruiter’s career path or hear testimonials from our Consultants, please get in touch with us at info@bestarion.com.

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