5 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team to Track Their Time

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team to Track Their Time

In terms of time management, the world has changed quite a bit during the last few years. 5 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team to Track Their Time While a few years ago we were still fighting against useless Excel timesheets, now we can see that people appreciate (tracking) their own time more and more. They know that bad time management leads to poor results. While people overall have become more mindful of how time management affects their work, I do have to say that even one person in a company who doesn’t value time is already too much. And there is always that one person. So how do you motivate even the toughest time wasters to track their time?

1. Don’t expect them to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.

If you know the value of tracking time, that’s a great start. If you don’t, make sure you understand exactly how it will benefit your business and then communicate your knowledge to others too. You have to set an example.

2. Explain why time tracking is important

Don’t just tell your employees they have to track time because you say so. Explain how it saves them a lot of time and shows their effort more than anything. Most importantly – explain how tracking one thing at a time helps them find their focus, to do one thing at a time with maximum productivity.

3. Show all the benefits that come with tracking time

And give them good examples. If you ask help from our Toggl consultants, you’ll get realistic use cases as examples of real life scenarios of Toggl usage. This will help your employees see their potential results, which is a very big part of motivating them. Apart from saving their time, showing their effort and keeping their focus, Toggl’s simplicity also makes tracking time a lot less painful. It gives them tracking reminders, which has been one of the most popular feature requests of all time, because people often forget to track their time. The Toggl Button browser extension gives them the possibility to track time from any of the tools they use for work, which makes getting started a breeze.

4. Make it fun and competitive

Many of our users have experienced that if they made tracking time a competitive “game”, people get more into it. You can use the Team Dashboard for keeping tabs on who tracks the most hours in the team. The most active tracker of the week/month could receive a symbolic prize (if you ask nicely, we can even send you Toggl T-shirts to give as prizes).

5. Hire some help to make your team love tracking time

We have this thing called the Toggl Master program – a worldwide network of Toggl experts who are ready to help you set up Toggl for your team, and fit it into your workflow easily. They know exactly how to motivate your team to track time because they have been Toggl users for years. They know the tool inside and out and they know the main challenges that can come up for employees, because they have been in their shoes. Source: https://toggl.com/blog/5-ways-motivate-team-to-track-time